Version 2 of Iwidgets

Updated 2001-11-08 12:28:59 is where the CVS for iwidgets is maintained.

iwidgets (aka incr Widgets)is a set of megawidgets based on incr tcl and incr tk.

In the early life of itcl/itk/iwidgets, they were all three distributed in the same source tar file.

During 2001, a TIP was submitted proposing that the incr tcl be included as an extension distributed with Tcl.

If/when this proposal is implemented, users will need to download the tcl, tk, itk, and iwidgets tar files to get the pieces to use iwidgets.

iwidgets includes the following widgets:

[What do we do about the cases below which overlap with widgets that already existed in Tk, etc.?]

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