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JStrack is a freeware hurricane tracking program written entirely with Tcl/Tk.

Link: . Be absolutely sure that you use the PURL as your link, and not the page it points to. The latter is subject to change...the PURL is (by definition) not.

NOTE: JStrack's author has been diagnosed with cancer, and the JStrack site is offline until he can get his own Internet service again. This may be a while.

UPDATE: I've just gotten a rather generous donation of web space (still waiting to find out whether or not said donation is to be considered anonymous), so now I just need to take the old site, do some massive updates, and get it online. I'll try to get started on this soon...just as I'm trying to get stuff done on JStrack itself (adding the ability to put city names on the maps). This is all, however, limited by what the cancer, brain surgery, radiation therapy, medications, etc., have done to my ability to think clearly and stay on a single forgive me if it takes a lot longer than it should.

I said when I first wrote JStrack (even before I announced the idea to a few folks and asked for their opinions) that JStrack would always be free. This has not changed. HOWEVER.... Financial considerations at this time (bills I have no way of paying, total lack of income, etc.) require that I at least give people the chance to send donations, if they so desire.

   If you would care to donate, see for the PayPal link.

The most current "snapshot" release (24Jul06) is also online at that address, as are the old links from the downloads page (at least, I think it's all there...). `IMPORTANT:''' the version above includes fixes to the filter to account for a small but significant change in the format of the NHC/TPC data...a change which resulted in no data being found by JStrack's filter that "reads" the NHC products.

I can be reached at j88aggie AT (will update info here if/when it changes) for further contact info.

(Already stated above, but worth repeating:) Depending on how various things work out in the next few weeks, I may be spending some time working on JStrack (*IF* I'm up to it), but with cancer that's metasticised to my brain, triple brain surgery, and given that I just went through radiation therapy (they nuked my brain), no promises.

(Reducing this next bit to a short summary... --jdg)

EVERYONE WHO WAS ON THE JStrack E-MAIL DISTRIBUTION LIST, PLEASE NOTE: Short version: the FreeBSD machine that had the JStrack e-mail alias got nuked in the process of being moved around while I was in the hospital. It cannot be recovered, and the JStrack e-mail alias (i.e., the distribution list for announcements about updates, etc.), was not backed up anywhere. It's lost. The same goes for all of my old e-mail with your requests to be put on said list.

IF YOU WANT TO BE ON THE NEW JStrack E-MAIL LIST, send me e-mail at j88aggie AT

Also, if you would like to help with the development of JStrack, given my new disability, I could really use the help. E-mail me......

There was some confusion on this point (one person wantd to help me make JStrack commercial software---they meant well...they just didn't understand my intentions regarding JStrack), so let me make this very clear:

JStrack is now, has always been, and SHALL ALWAYS BE FREE SOFTWARE.

My goal is to make JStrack the best hurricane tracking program (geared towards people like me who are in a likely target area) that you can get, free or otherwise, and of course, as I said, JStrack will remain free. This has been my objective since day one, and that has never changed.

[cancer updates deleted...see my page at ... soon to be moved to the new site ... for information on how I'm doing (the most recent tab, as of 14Aug06, is the "Radiation Therapy" tab). --jdg]

[old, out of date info deleted --jdg]

(Note to Wiki admins---please advise if you disapprove of this being on the Wiki...just e-mail me with the info. The lack of a response to this so far leads me to believe that there are no objections, but I'll still keep this here, just in case---I do NOT want to be seen as abusing/mis-using the site.)

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