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Updated 2004-02-11 09:12:20

Purpose: Collect Wiki and other urls relating to the Tcl processing of natural/human languages. Well, if someone wants to point to Tcl processing of other languages (animal, non-Terran, etc.) that is fine. I am trying to distinguish this from computer languages.

General introduction: i18n - writing for the world - Unicode and UTF-8 - An i15d date chooser

*: input supported by taiku, see taiku goes multilingual

The Lish family is a set of converter procedures from 7-bit ASCII to a number of writing systems that use other and more characters: starting from European accented letters in Eurolish, to Greeklish, Ruslish up to the Far East: Chinlish, Japlish, Hanglish. In each case, input is a 7-bit ASCII string, output is a Unicode string. See Languages supported by Lish.

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