Version 7 of ntkWidget

Updated 2007-10-15 10:50:26 by apw

ntkWidget is an implementation of widgets similar to the existing Tk widgets (label, frame button, text, entry ...) by apw, which is based on the megapkg,ntk and freetypeext packages written by GPS. The idea is to have images as te base of all widgets and parts thereof. The implementation is derived from the NexTk implemented by GPS.

The implementation is done with an extended version of incr Tcl: itcl-ng, which proviedes the necessary functionality. Nevertheless it should be possible to use "normal" proc functionality of Tcl to use that package and to build for example megawidgets or GUIs based on the package.

The current commands are:

These are mostly implemented.

Additonal commands will be:

The commands are implemented in the ::ntk namespace as ntk namespace ensemble commands, so at least Tcl8.5b1 and Itcl 4.0 (itcl-ng) are necessary.

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