IBM's proprietary Unix [L1 ]. For branding purposes, the company tries to talk about the "eServer pSeries".

AIX FAQs [L2 ]

Recently on comp.lang.tcl someone mentioned:

You can get Expect, Tk, and TCL direct from IBM.

One thing that would be appropriate for this page is tips on how to get Tcl and associated extensions to compile on AIX.

makr (2008-11-21): although this is not complete, it is probably enough to get one going:

  CC = xlC
  CFLAGS = -O -q64
  LIBS = -lld
  ARFLAGS = -X64

ActiveState does also ship a Batteries Included distribution for AIX.

JOB after trying out various options, the following works out on AIX 5.3 and with tcl/tk 8.5.4:

   CC = xlC
   CXX = xlC
   CPPFLAGS =-q64

  ./configure \
     --prefix=full_path_where_to _store_tcl \
     --enable-threads \
     --enable-64bit \

RLH You can also get binary and source RPMs here: