JOB are the initials of: Johann Oberdorfer

12+ years of experience in Tcl/Tk, C,C++, sh, html, Oracle, SQL, PL-SQL, sqlite. OS: Linux, AIX, MacOSX and Windows. Experience with * GUI design / technical application development (CatiaV5 and VPM), * the integration of tcl/tk into VPM/Enovia/3DCom * gluing tcl/tk database driven GUI's together with CatiaV5/CATScript. Contributor to the BWidget project.

Contact details:

e-Mail: mailto:johann.oberdorfer at gmail dot com

Tcl/Tk - radically simple:

The coding strategy used for implementing software applications is to lay out everything preferable in the Tcl/Tk language!

  • Coded from the bottom up with extremely simple code blocks and functions, where the interface is thoroughly documented.
  • My goal is to be maximally explicit, and unlike a good mathematics textbook, unchallenging to the intellect. I'd rather devote brain energy to the functionality of the application than to its implementation in code.
  • In fact, one goal of recording code snippets as I go along is to refine code into a compact little set of programming idioms that can be used to automatically generate application code with a given functionality.
  • Why does Tcl/Tk seem so promising at least for me? Because it's radically simple, bug free and operating system independent.


Current Tcl Projects (as of Oct 2016):

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Contributions made for this wiki so far:

I really like (*)starkits:

Ttk (tile) related:

twapi + COM:

  • catcom - a rudimentary COM interface for CatiaV5 based on twapi

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