Description Tcl/Tk 8.x , BWidget IDE allowing editing of multiple Tcl files, providing syntax highlighting, indentation support, search/replace, unlimited undo/redo, simple console, fast source code navigation, syntax-check, automatic command completion, online-help and Tcl testing. Currently at v3.0b16.
License GPL v2
Updated 02/2004
Contact mailto:[email protected] (Andreas Sievers)

What EDITT (a French version of ASED)
Description Updated in 2021 for Windows 64 and Tcl/Tk 8.6.
Updated 02/2021
Contact kroc

What asedit3.0b16_mod (a modified version of ASED)
Description Project: Most recent up-to-date executable available for windows.
Updated 14/03/2017
Contact JOB



Sarnold I have been using ASED for a long time (one year and a half) and I find it wonderful, for syntax checking, integration of tkcon, and many other things !

Plus : it is cross-platform

escargo 25 Apr 2003 - If there are a lot of improvements to ASED in EDITT, is there some reason they have not been provided back to the ASED developers for inclusing in a newer version of ASED?

kroc 26 Apr 2003 - The first reason is that Andreas doesn't include them in Ased. The second is that I remove some ASED features and I add others , so it's really a choice to work with ASED or EDITT now. The third reason is that some improvements are for french only. For example, calling french Tcl help by pressing the F1 key. Last reason, but not least, I'm not fluent enought in english to translate it back now ;^).

26apr03 jcw - I've uploaded an updated ASED to sdarchive (with minor tweaks to turn it into a starkit). I'd vote in favor of bringing ASED and EDITT back into one development stream if possible, and I may be able to help with the French <-> English part of things. My first concern would be to do it in such a way that it can be sustained for future revs too. Little point in merging if things are going to diverge again anyway....

escargo 26 Apr 2003 - There are many reasons to fork development of something that is open source. One interesting issue with ASED is how to do internationalization. (See i18n - Writing for the world.) Maybe ASED could be refactored in a way to allow internationalization, and not just split into English and French versions.

There are also interesting issues of how to do customizations. Could the changes that make ASED and EDITT different be refactored in a way to allow any user to customize ASED so that features can be added and/or removed in a safe way? (This makes me think of the Eclipse IDE.) This would allow the EDITT to have its own personality without requiring a code fork.

kroc 27 Apr 2003 - I've already done a tclkit of EDITT, I'll upload it ASAP. Of course, it would be a very good thing to rewrite it using msgcat to make translation very easy, but I haven't enougth time to do it right now.

In fact, at the beginning I've only translate ASED for Andreas. I quickly sent him some improvements (mainly about little bugs). But Andreas stopped answer me and (I think) even stopped at all his work on ASED. That's the reason why I decide to split ASED and EDITT.

Concerning differences between ASED and EDITT : I removed the console window (I would like to use an embeded tkcon instead). I also removed the client/server because nobody I know use (or understand) it. E. Grolleau add a MRU list and M. Salvagnac add contextual help. He also translate tcl/tk manpages into french html files that we share and use with EDITT. I als plan to rewrite a huge part of the code in order to use BLT instead of BWidgets. Mainly because I think that BLT provide much more features.

I totaly agree we you to restart a real collaborative development, maybe using somes kinds of plugins in order to respect ASED and EDITT differences ?

kroc 17 Jun 2003 - ASED and EDITT projects have been merged back in a single i18n project: ASED. Editt 1.0.4 starkit and starpack are still available but won't be updated anymore.

LV July 9, 2003: I'm confused about the following discussion. Has there been a fork in ased?

Bernd Schmitt 29 Dec 2004 - IMHO: ASED is very good. It is up to date and free software.

AS 19 Jan 2004: Sorry, it's the first time I've been here and I didn't recognize this discussion. No, there was no real merge of EDITT and ASED. EDITT was a french only version of ASED with some enhancements but also major limitations. David stopped further development when ASED provided i18n support. If you have any further questions concerning ASED, please send me a copy of your statement here to [email protected] and include the word "ased" in your subject. Thanks

AS 03 Feb 2004: I've included Online-help-feature from EDITT in ASED, using the help.kit starkit. ASED is now bundled with help-files for tcl/tk, BWidget and incr tcl.

JimG 05 May 2005: I tried both starpark and source version of ASED but failed to run it at start. Here is the window I get. I've tried to locate the error but I'm not able to find it.

I have the same problem. -Moritz

I also have the problem. -GaryL

LV GaryL and Moritz - did you see my note below, indicating that error means that the tclkit you are using is too old?

GaryL I've tried ASED with the latest Tcl/Tk version 8.4.15. There is still the problem. ASED is a part of WinTclTk. I also tried the lastest version of WinTclTk. It is the same. I don't know why.

I have tried WinTclTk 8.4.16, still have the problem. -GaryL

LV 2007 June 13 - I have the weirdest problem with ased. I just downloaded the latest version from the home page. The first thing I do is select the Help->About menu entry. I get this error:

$ ased3.0b16.kit
extra characters after close-brace
   while executing
"return [uplevel 1 [list [namespace origin mcunknown]  $Locale $src {*}$args]]

   (procedure "mc" line 24)
   invoked from within
"mc $lab"
   (procedure "tk::MessageBox" line 79)
   invoked from within
"tk::MessageBox {*}$args"
   (procedure "tk_messageBox" line 2)
   invoked from within
"tk_messageBox -message  [tr "ASED Tcl/Tk-IDE 3.0.b16 build 051204
   (c) Andreas Sievers, 1999-2004\n\n This Software is distributed under the terms
   (procedure "Editor::aboutBox" line 2)
   invoked from within
   invoked from within
".#menubar.#menubar#menu6 invoke active"
   ("uplevel" body line 1)
   invoked from within
"uplevel #0 [list $w invoke active]"
   (procedure "tk::MenuInvoke" line 50)
   invoked from within
"tk::MenuInvoke .#menubar.#menubar#menu6 1"
   (command bound to event)

Ah - the latest ased requires a relatively new version of tclkit.

I have been using ASED for several years and find it invaluable in code development. I also use BLT (2.4z) extensively in my applications. In the last year moving to Tcl/Tk 8.4 and the latest ASED, I have encountered a vexing problem running the application from within ASED. The first attempt runs fine. Stopping the application and running a second time generates an error "Can't find package BLT..." I have been unsuccessful in finding the problem. All other packages, BWidgets 1.6, Help 1.5, etc., all load fine any number of times.

LV 2007 July 12 I notice that, under the Help menu, at least on Windows XP, the "Run Tcl Tutor" fails with an error about being unable to read one of the files. I emailed the author with the specific error information. Anyone else see this?

MHo 2008 Feb 25 Yes I see that error, too (illegal access mode "a+"....).

Tristan 2008-06-27: Please visit the ASED Tile HomePage: . This version had more Chinese support.

from Ask, and it shall be given # 12, treating extended lines with pretty print

gold - 2017-01-20 I have been using ased editor for some code on my wiki pages. When the tcl lines with extended lines , the code is garbled/will not compile. Can someone direct me to a PC based editor that will handle extended lines or help me clean up some of my wiki pages in their own editor? Refrigerator_Pinyin_Poetry Random Poetry Chalkboard Chinese Xiangqi Chessboard has extended and empty lines. Can ASED delete empty lines? Maybe, I have an old version.Thanks in advance.

JOB 2018-01-04, Short notice: A while ago, I modified the code of ASEdit slightly and updated all relevant packages for tcl/tk8.6 + tile + BWidget 1.9.10. The modified code as well as binary executables for win and OSX can be downloaded from here:

Tristan 2019-06-27, ASED Tile + tclkit