What: XDobry


Description: was primary developed as a XOTclIDE plug-in. It provides a GUI for a SQL client that talks to relational databases supported by the XOSql interface (mysqltcl, postgresql, sqlite, tclodbc). The query results are shown in a tktable widget. ATKSqlBrowser is deployed in Starkit and Tclkit formats for Windows and Linux x86. The SQL editor has basic syntax completion. The database schema (table and columns names) are shown in 2 list views.

Updated: 01/2004.

Contact: mailto:[email protected] (Artur Trzewik)

Supported tcl sql interfaces:

  1. mysqltcl
  2. tclodbc
  3. PostgreSQL throw pgtcl
  4. sqlite

Anyone know how this and XDobry differ?