Ajuba what!


Ajuba Solutions was the last name for Scriptics, appearing May 22, 2000; see http://www.scriptics.com/company/news/press_release_ajuba.html (if it is still around (AK: No)).

From news:comp.lang.tcl on May 23, 2000:

            Re: What the heck is Ajuba?
            Tue, 23 May 2000 15:20:39 +0000
            Volker Hetzer <[email protected]>
            Siemens Inc.

Scott Redman wrote: The name "Scriptics" implies a company working on Scripting and/or tools for Scripting. We are concentrating on B2B XML Solutions, and "Scriptics" does not sound like a company in that space (as much as we tried).

 Maybe, but that is no justification for "ajuba".

And besides, the implication that "ajubasolutions" does sound like a company "in that space" (?) is, ah, well... -PSE

The name Ajuba means many things in many languages, apparently it means "lion ' s mane" in Portugese and "miracle" in Arabic. It ' s catchy, but it also looks much better when you see the logo.


 Okay, here goes:
 Me:   Hey Boss, let's use Tcl/Tk.
 Boss: Is there a company who supports it?
 Me:   Yes, Ajuba.
 Boss: A what?
 Me:   No, the name is A-J-U-B-A.
 Boss: What's that supposed to mean?
 Me:   Lions mane in portugiese and miracle in arabic.
 Boss: Arabic? Isn't there an UN embargo or something?
 Me:   No, it's an american company.
 Boss: Then why did they chose an arabic name?
 Me:   Or a portugiese one.
 Boss: Don't they know?
 Me:   They don't insist on a specific meaning. It can't be tied into one
      particular business, so they can remain more flexible going  forward.
 Boss: So they don't know what their name means and they want to be "flexible"
      in what they are doing. You call this a long term commitment to  this
      tickltiwhatever thingy?
 Me:   But the logo looks good...(But boss has gone away already.)

The Scriptics logo was waaaaaaayyyyyyy cooler.

The company is now officially "Ajuba Solutions" and the press release is going out today (May 22, 2000). It is also not a name that can be tied into one particular business, so we can remain more flexible going forward.

 See above.

And, anyway, what's ajuba supposed to mean? It sounds like one of those nonsense car names where a name company puts lots of syllables through a computer until something sounds nice.

DKF: You mean a bland corporate-ism, designed to go down well with an (unspecified) focus-group and/or selected management consultants?

Some random finds from yahoo.com:

Goyal RK, Lin P, Kanungo J, et al. Ajuba, a novel L protein, interacts with Grb2, augments MAP kinase activity in fibroblasts, and promotes meio maturation of Xenopus oocytes in a Grb2- and Ras-dependent manner. Mol Cell Biol 1999 19:4379-4389.

"Olodumare, ajuba gbogbo iku mbeleshe." God, we give homage, we salute the ancestors that sit at your feet in counsel. http://www.artnet.net/~ifa/libation.htm

Civil war erupted in Liberia in 1989 leading to widespread displacement both within Liberia and into neighbouring countries, principally Guinea and Cote d'Ivoire. Efforts aimed at ending the fighting were unsuccessful until the signing of the Ajuba Accords in 1995.

Bhaji on the beach - Various Described as "The best of British Asian Music" by critics, this album contains 10 tracks from the original score of the sound track to the famous film produced by Gurinder Chadha. Features hit songs by Bally Sagoo, Sangeeta, Ajuba and KK Kings

See http://www.wisc.edu/southasia/films/ajuba.html - Ajuba Dance and Drama Company.

See http://www.tandoori.co.uk/renfrewshire/johnstone.htm - Ajuba the restraunt.

See http://www.suite101.com/article.cfm/homeschooling/10671 - at the end of the page, Ajuba! is used as some kind of greeting...

See http://www.seanet.com/~efunmoyiwa/vocab.html where Ajuba: appears to mean, in Lucum, "We Salute You" .

See https://www.tcl-lang.org/advocacy/tclHistory.html where JO seems to say: In late 1997 I decided that the best thing for Tcl was to spin out of Sun and form a startup that could focus entirely on Tcl. In January 1998 I founded Ajuba with Sarah Daniels, who became VP of Marketing and Sales...

See https://www.tcl-lang.org/people/john.ousterhout/ which claims to be "Last modified: July 3, 1999", featuring 9 times the word "Ajuba" and zero times the word "Scriptics".

Is it 1984 yet? History rewrites itself?

But the whole site is generated, so the company name is probably substituted from a single source everywhere it is used, even in "historical" documents - a case of inadequate design? (EMJ)

So, what we seem to be left with is that JO went to a psychic in Martinez who told him "Hire a CEO and change your name to Ajuba", and he thought "what the hey, sounds good to me!" So now the rest of us are stuck trying to explain to our bosses why Scriptics' perceived abandonment of Tcl is a good thing... I think we are experiencing the sacrifice of the Tcl coders on the altar of the Ajuba IPO.

Time to order those Python books?

In the Ajuba Pronunciation thread on c.l.t, someone mentioned that it could be said a bit like a-FUBAR. Rather an unfortunate expansion if you ask me...

Hey if Ajuba means "We Salute You", that is GREAT! I am a big fan of Gladiator: just imagine Russell Crowe standing in the Colosseum, saying "We who are about to die, AJUBA!". ([email protected])

"Ajuba this!"

2000-10-20: Read on the possible end of the Ajuba solutions story...

Well, I just got moved to a project that uses Vignette. V. is moving from Tcl to Java, with the explination that there is more long term support for Java.

Although I'm not at the management/decision making level, I'm not sure Scriptics/Ajuba ever made any difference. Neither incarnation seemed a "Long term support" system for Tcl itself, from a big-business viewpoint. lh