Andreas Kupries


I would just like to make clear, that all contributions/code that I place in this wiki are public domain. You can do with them as you will, but I do not provide any warranties or guarantees of any kind.

Living in Germany again, after nearly 20 Years over in yonder Vancouver, BC . My current residence is Willich, NRW

I maintain my personal pages at two places:

In the following I shall call them Core and Self.

Note that while these two places are broadly identical there are slight differences:

  • Core holds the fossil repositories of all my personal projects. Self simply references them.
  • On the other side, Self is where my hoards live, both Tcl things, and personal fancies. In these hoards I essentially capture backups of various fossil, git(hub), etc. source repositories. Both take submissions (Look for the Submit link in their navigation bars). As of Feb 27, 2021 the hoards contain 25G (Tcl) and 68G (Personal).
  • Note that Self runs on a personal machine, in my house. As such access to it may intermittently fail, i.e. when I am rebooting after some upgrade, or be slow, i.e. when my work consumes network bandwidth.
  • Core on the other side runs on the VM maintained for the community by Roy Keene.
  • Both sites refer to each other in their respective navigation bars.

I can be reached by email at mailto:[email protected] or mailto:[email protected]

I am employed by SUSE, working on a CloudFoundry-based Platform as a Service. When HPE sold their Software division to MicroFocus our subset was thought better served to be a part of MF's SUSE subsidiary. I came to HP(E) from ActiveState when HP bought their Stackato product and team.

As of January 2021 I am back in Germany after nearly 19 years in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Still with SUSE tough.

I am aku in the Tcl Chatroom.

Here on the wiki I often use only my initials, like so: AK (This redirects back to this page). When I do small-scale editing here, like typo corrections, etc. instead of big changes to a page's content I also use AKgnome.

The first Linux distribution I used was a Suse. Nowadays it is Debian or derived (Ubuntu). Well, actually I have started to use openSUSE too, now.

A few things I did below. The full list can be seen at or

See (original link broken, server gone, to be fixed with changes to new location of my pages) for some extensions to ezsmtp.


A member of the Tcl Core Team.

Other stuff: