AutoHotkey is a an open-source windows program to automate some repetitive tasks.


Windows Automation with AutoHotKey , Eli Bendersky, 2007-08-08
a good overview of AutoHotkey's features

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Another use of AutoHotkey is to create hotkeys to provide, customized, more friendly keyboard shortcuts, like the example:

LAlt & WheelDown::AltTab
LAlt & WheelUp::ShiftAltTab

(This is not Tcl of course)

Such script lets you switch between open application by pressing the Left-ALT key and the mouse wheel, instead of the awkward ALT-TAB combination.

CLN Of course, for left-handed users, this is a bad combination because both the mouse and the left Alt key are on the left. Is there are reason to limit it to the left Alt key? Why not either one? This is just one issue in supporting Left- and Right-Handed Users.

Various forks of AutoHotkey are available. Here is a guide to them.