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  • I have a tendency to ask ''is there any compelling reason that X doesn't use Y?' where Y is often comm ... I just like minimalism, I guess.


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Suggestions: (I'm full of 'em)


  • what is a Project Release? What is it for? Stu and I have been robustly exchanging views on the subject, and I thought I'd jump in to misrepresent his views in that page.
  • Imagine a language ... unexpected side-effects of tcl's virtues.
  • Careful what you wish for regarding the downside of popularity.
  • Tool Protocol Language - don't use XML, JSON, FCGI, CGI, SCGI, other crappy and/or proprietary interprocess protocols. Use tcl.

Firsts: first mention of 'badger' on the Wiki ... damn, not even close.

AMG: You're the first to use the word "blunge" [L4 ].

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