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This is a commercial web application (free version also available) developed by Mark Roseman, which was briefly described during Mark's keynote at the Ninth Annual Tcl/Tk Conference.

Think of it as a cross between a Wiki environment and a discussion group, but targeted specifically at educational users. Lots of advanced features but emphasizing ease of use and ease of deployment.

Based on Tcl, incr Tcl, Metakit, Starkit, procomp, etc. etc. etc. etc.

There is also a non-educational version available, for work group use, project management, etc. See ProjectForum.

Application is currently at release 6.4 .


I like Mark Roseman's forum series in TCL. I am a big fan actually (even though I know Mark was never a fan of mine; it's ok :-) a lot of my foes are brilliant; I am flattered). I love the concepts, the colours (blue and yellow), the ideas, the simplicity and of course the language used, TCL.

CourseForum is useful to anyone who wants to set up a curriculum on Internet. You want to teach a subject? Anything? Get a copy of Course Forum, open a site and you're all set. Actually you can teach any number of subjects one course at a time...

Course Forum provides all that is needed to teach a course: a list of lectures, instructions, procedures...

Keep it up Mark Roseman, keep the good ideas flowing! Wish you lots of success...


PS: For the record, Mark is the first programmer:

- To have coded a function that lets a user create a page on a wiki by clicking on "New Page"

- To have coded a function that enables a user to generate a new wiki on the fly (the new course in Course Forum)

LV How certain are you of these firsts? Perhaps he is the first one you have found?

unperson Perhaps! And I am also the first one to mention it! :-)