This is a Tcl-based application, similar to Wikit, but offering more advanced features (support for multiple groups, project areas within groups, forum-style posting, attachments, images, version history, page locking, multiple authentication schemes, activity tracking, branding support, and more). From the web page:

"ProjectForum provides a powerful but easy-to-use solution for flexible workgroup collaboration and coordination of projects over the web."

"Use it for project planning, todo lists, design notes, task assignments, meeting notes, problem reports, team discussions, collecting feedback, research, brainstorming and more. "

ProjectForum is a commercial application, but a free version is available. It uses the same underlying technology as CourseForum.

See for all the details.

This product is currently at version 6.4 .

Hosted ProjectForum areas are being offered free to qualifying Tcl/Tk open source projects! See .

DKF 5-Aug-2003: hosts a bunch of discussion on how to revitalize Tk, arising out of Tcl'2003. LV As of Nov, 2004, that projectforum web site is marked as being in archival mode; no new activity is expected..

The creator of this software wrote this article talking about packaging issues:

What other groupware is pertinent here? Is there even a third item in the category, beside PF and CVSTrac?