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I'm one of the maintainers of MacOS X code in Tcl and Tk (c.f. [L1 ] & [L2 ]).

I maintain TclTkAquaBI, a Batteries Included binary distribution of the MacOS X native Tcl/Tk and many popular extensions (superset of ActiveTcl on other platforms). Distributions of MacOS X Tcl/Tk only and of a self-contained Wish appliation (similar to Tclkit) are also available.

Before support for MacOS Classic was dropped in Tcl/Tk 8.5, I was a maintainer for that platform as well.

I have also provided MacOS Classic Tcl/Tk binary releases from version 8.3.2p1 till 8.4.2 [L3 ], and have ported/updated some standard Tcl extensions to Mac Classic.

I used to be part of the team developing the next generation of the tcl-scriptable MacOS text editor Alpha [L4 ] and its Tcl library AlphaTcl [L5 ] (also c.f. Alphatk).

Wiki pages I have started/contributed to:

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Mac Tcl/Tk:

Alpha & AlphaTcl:

Daniel, I recently saw a reference to http://github.com/das/tcltk/tree/ and wondered if you had any comments about the work being done there....

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