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The Tcler's Wiki is a collaboratively-edited area on the web, dedicated to the Tcl programming language and its extensions, including the Tk graphical toolkit.

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Dear citizens of Tokelau , please fire the administrators of tk domain and replace them with public servants who will not make a laughing stock of the territory.
wiki .tcl-lang.org
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The system hosting the Tcler's Wiki comprises the following software modules

The relationships between the modules are shown in the following diagram


The Wiki is hosted on a virtual Linux server at Linode.com [L1 ]

The TDBC back-end is currently SQLite.

Searching this Wiki

Editing Pages And Contributing To This Wiki

The help page contains information on how to get started making changes to the pages on this wiki. Any good-faith changes to this wiki are very welcome! Feel free to jump right in to correct typos, improve code examples (make sure to verify first that your changes don't break the code), add comments or any other content that contributes to the quality of this site.

Contribution Ideas

If you'd like to jump in and help develop the content of this wiki, help is needed on several fronts. Here are some suggested activities:

Read comp.lang.tcl and write up good information on the wiki
try to find an appropriate on-topic location for it, tie it in to other wiki content, and modify it as necessary to keep the signal high and the noise low
Read the Tcl Chatroom and bring good information into the wiki
same process as the previous task.


The Tcler's Wiki was created by Jean-Claude Wippler and hosted by him ("IPX Server" [L2 ], located in Nürnberg, Germany) from 1999 until the early 2007. Its domain name was originally mini.net. With thanks to the previous provider, Rackspace (TX, US), whose server hosted mini.net for many years.

The Tcler's Wiki is sometimes claimed to be the second oldest wiki still running (after WikiWikiWeb ). The https://wiki.tcl-lang.org/revision/The+Tcler%27s+Wiki?V=0%|%first edit on its first page%|% dates from 1999-02-19.

In early 2007 the hosting was taken over by Colin McCormack after he wrote a new network interface to the Wiki backend, and in early 2008 the Wiki was given a visual makeover by Steve Landers, Jos Decoster began to add new markup (an ongoing project for Jos) and Kevin Kenny wrote the history facilities.

In 2010, Jos Decoster retargeted the wiki to TDBC backend, necessitating substantial rewrites.

The Wiki is now hosted by the Tcl Association on behalf of the Tcl Community, and maintained by a team of volunteers, including

The Wiki contents are stewarded by a team of Wiki Gnomes, one of the most prominent being Larry Virden.

Colin McCormack continues to develop and support Wub and the Wiki network interface.

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