Johnson for President

A remark that somebody unknown added to the home page of The Tcler's Wiki.

The spirit of the Wiki is such that the remark was left in place, in case someone chooses to explain it. Any of the Tcl'ers could have removed it; none did (to date).

Actually, it's been removed and re-add-ed numerous times, I suspect.

In Jeff Hobbs' report on the state of Tcl in Vancouver 2002, Johnson for president was also one bullet - serving to explain the liveliness of the Wiki, iirc. So it's beginning to be a running gag ;-)

(Really? I missed that, although I noticed the Johnson for President in JCW's state-of-the-Wiki slides...) RS: OOps, yes, that's what I meant..

Should be updated for election 2004: Alexander Haig For President

If nominated I shall not run BAJ

2004-07-09 has a poll at bottom of page, "My favorite scripting language is ..." At 19:22 MESZ this day, Tcl lies ahead of Python and Perl - Tcl being the "son of John" (Ousterhout), let's see who wins the primaries... Everybody can vote, it's just a click of the mouse :) Two days later, Tcl still leads with 39% :)