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MedMapper is a decision support tool for physicians. It uses a Tk notebook with canvas widgets to display a tree like algorithm decision making methodology that is common in the medical field. The unique things about it are:

  • It generates a "note" for documentation in the patient's medical record. This is usually a separate time consuming and expensive process for the physician. MedMapper combines decision making and documentation into one step.
  • The algorithms or Maps can be edited by the user in a point and click environment and it requires no programming knowlege. The edited maps store their state and any changes the user makes for the next session. The user can create new maps for new problems when needed.
  • The output from MedMapper, in the form of encounter notes, integrates into an electronic medical records system called Tkfp Medical Practice Management, also programmed largely in Tcl/Tk.
  • Can be used as a Starkit or StarPack. It also works in the Tcl/Tk Tclet Plugin and uses some modified Tcl plugin policies to invoke Javascript methods on the browser to do things such as sending email reports of it's output or exporting the ouptut to an XML database via a cgi script on a web server. This data can then be used for research purposes to extract information on populations of patients using XPATH and XSLT.
  • We also have a scaled down version for the Palm OS envrionment written with Palmtcl and Toucan. A demo of a Palm version Map can be downloaded here:

HotSync this file to your Palm Pilot. You should then be able to run it. This also exports a "progress note" that is exported to the Memo Pad application. From there, you could beam it out, email it or ?? from your Palm based PDA.

Alex Caldwell M.D. and David R. Pepper M.D. - U.C. San Francisco School of Medicine, Fresno Campus