TclPro , created by Scriptics/Ajuba Solutions, is an open-source collection of tools to boost Tcl programmers' productivity with a code checker and a powerful graphical debugger. TclPro also makes it easy to package and distribute Tcl applications, and it protects source code from copying and alterations. TclPro incorporates several popular open source extensions with Tcl/Tk: incr Tcl, for object-oriented programming; Expect, for automating repetitive tasks and extending the lifecycle of legacy applications; and TclX, for added powerful utilities and system support.

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[L1 ]Cameron Laird's personal notes on Tcl compilers
includes a section on static analyzers



static analysis tool
translate scripts to bytecode
a dynamic debugger
bundle scripts into a single distributable file


current version
release time

See Also

Tcl Dev Kit, by ActiveState
includes an updated, quality-assured version of TclPro. Also available as part of ActiveTcl Pro Studio.




TclPro consists of tcls/wish, a code checker, a debugger with a GUI, a byte-code compiler and wrapper, various extensions (TclX, Expect, [incr Tcl] ...).

The free TclPro sources from SourceForge have been compiled and included in Fedora ever since Fedora 5. Starting with Fedora 9, support for the tclpro bytecode compiler/loader tbcload has been dropped due to incompatibilities with Tcl 8.5. Fedora users can install Tclpro with the command 'yum install tclpro'.

The TclPro debugger is strictly a debugger - it does not contain the ability to edit code and then continue on. Instead, one uses a favorite editor, and then start the app over again.

The TclPro static code checker (procheck) is the piece I LV most frequently use. It, along with frink, provide two tools for analyzing Tcl code and predicting possible problem code.

The term 'TclPro' is trademarked. The trademark is held by Interwoven, due to their buy-out of Scriptics/Ajuba.


TclPro has a reputation for being tough to build

See notes on building TclPro

License Keys

Try getting the file named FREE_KEYS from and I think you'll have better luck. For the FTP impaired, and for the records of all the great news search engines, I'll include all 671 bytes here.

  With the acquisition of Scriptics/Ajuba by Interwoven the
  TclPro product line has been discontinued and moved into
  the open source community.

  The files in this directory require license keys in order to
  use the development tools (e.g, TclPro Debugger, TclPro Checker,
  TclPro Compiler, and TclPro Wrapper).  Here are keys for
  different versions.

  TclPro          (Tcl/Tk)        Key
  1.2             8.0.5           1K14-2207-0H34-1U24-R8ZJ
  1.3             8.2.0           1V45-2209-1G37-1U35-R8Y6
  1.4.1           8.3.2           1094-320C-1G38-2U24-P8YY

  If you run the TclPro network license server, the keys are different:

  TclPro          Key for 10 seats
  1.2             2N06-0H35-04U2-5R8Y-X2H0
  1.3             2M09-1H27-04V2-5P9Z-188S
  1.4.1           2M1C-1H28-34U3-4P8Z-DRG2

And for those peeking in, version 1.5 for TclPro was released during 2001, without license key issues.