Information about the mailing list appears here [L1 ].

"There will be some significant work on a next generation Tk in 2004." Jeffrey Hobbs [L2 ].

Is the "Tk Revitalization Home" [L3 ] Mark set up no longer where work is done [L4 ]? How can a Wiki go stale?

George Peter Staplin: The ProjectForum wiki went stale, because

  • "unix hackers," with good ideas, were put off by some comments, by the creator of it
  • Windows HCI standards are viewed as "good" (In reality people don't like the tiny listboxes in tiny-unresizable dialogs.)
  • cloning Windows is not fun -- or useful to most developers
  • the Tcl'ers Wiki was not used instead
  • work that pays has a higher priority

It seems like, to me, that the projectforum wiki went stale when people quit talking about (and in general working on) the tk effort. I'm unconvinced that the community wants a new Tk badly enough to put in the effort to achieve it. And that is nothing unique to Tk - that's the problem most open source projects encounter.

Why not transform any good ideas from that revitalization project -that staled- into tips, or packages.

I'd imagine the Tile widget theme implementation is the "next generation" Tk he speaks of.