Plots and charts

Arjen Markus (12 february 2004)

On the basis of the script I presented at A simple slipchart, I have worked out a small library for inclusion in Tklib.

The library provides simple plotting and charting facilities:

  • XY-plots
  • Stripcharts
  • Polar plots
  • Isometric plots (useful for small-scale geographic maps or drawings)
  • Barcharts (horizontal and vertical bars)
  • Timecharts (for timeschedules for instance)
  • Piecharts
  • 3D plots (showing functions f(x,y) or data on a grid)

The code is a bit large for the Wiki - some 2000 lines including the comments.

AM (16 april 2004) The library has been added to Tklib as a new module. Some improvements, especially details in the documentation are necessary, but it is now available via CVS.

RT, 25May2004 - can sombody post the required cvs command to fetch tklib. Tried extending/ substituting into the command shown for tcllib and no luck. Nor does tklib seem to be present in the nightly snaps of tcllib either. :-/

AK: tklib is a module in the tcllib project at SourceForge. This means that the CVS server and CVSROOT to use are the same as for tcllib, just the project name is changed:

 cvs -d:pserver:[email protected]:/cvsroot/tcllib co tklib

[NOTE: The above command line may need to be slightly altered - occasionally changes their naming methods. If the above doesn't work, try .]


for other modules in the same project. RT - Thanks, I got it.

SEH 30Mar05 -- Is the timechart analogous to a gantt chart? Some screenshots would be fabsolutely abulous.

AM (30 march 2005) - It shares many of the features of a Gantt chart. The only things that seem missing are the typical annotations (start/stop date, arrows to connect the various entries). It should be fairly easy to add those.

Screenshots: well, run the test and watch various charts go by ...

RF 11 abril 2005 Hi. I have been trying to use the options "$anyplot xconfig -option value ..." to configure both the x-axis and the y-axis. I use succsessfully the option 'format' but the other options doesn't work. do you have the same problems? Thanks

AM (15 may 2007) The package is continuously being developed (well, in small fits of activity). The current version includes the following facilities beyond the ones stated above:

  • XY-plots: isolines and contours, error intervals, trend lines
  • Radial charts
  • 3D barcharts
  • Histograms
  • Legends
  • Grid lines
  • Annotations in the form of a text balloon
  • 3D plots: contours

See the examples in the Tklib directory.

AM (16 may 2007) Things to come: plots with a proper date/time axis, use of avertical axis on the right. More configuration options. Improved look of the axes.

AM (30 may 2007) Have a look at the Plotchart gallery for a bunch of screenshots. That is likely to give you a better idea of what Plotchart can do than my endlessly describing it :).

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