Software hosting facilities

This page is about sites where one might host software projects, from a Tcler perspective.

Once a project has grown beyond one's own hard drive and/or this Wiki, it might be a good idea to make it available on some server somewhere. There are plenty to choose from, and the variety may be bewildering. Hence a short guide based on the collective experience of many Tclers should be helpful.

Software hosting sites

Facilities that may be available at this kind of site includes:

  • Source code repository (CVS, SVN, ...)
  • Software releases for download / archive of releases
  • Bug tracker
  • Mailing list
  • Web pages for project
  • Wiki for project
  • ...

See also: and the references there.

The "standard" site (was it even the first of this kind?). Home to the main Tcl/Tk development (, as well as tcllib, [...]

See also Tclish Sourceforge Pages.

Advantages/disadvantages: ?


Google code

Comparatively new, but houses at least one project of key interest to the Tcl community: WubWikit [L1 ].

Advantages/disadvantages: ?

A rather old^Westablished site [L2 ] among open source projects in the german university area. It even hosts quite a couple of Tcl related projects, e.g. pdf4tcl, Jim, and Peter Spjuth's projects...

The site [L3 ] with a mission: is a mid-sized open source community focused on building better tools for collaborative software development. The most famous projects on this site might be subversion and ArgoUML. A Tcl related one is argoscript.


The site [L4 ] is hosted at Canonical Ltd., the Ubuntu guys. Some Tcl/Tk projects are registered [L5 ]. They say about themselves: Launchpad is a hosting service for open source projects that's big on collaboration.

[Fill in more sites]

Doing it yourself

[Notes on housing a project yourself.]

In 2006, there was a discussion [L6 ] on the tcl-core mailing list regarding moving Tcl from Sourceforge and/or from CVS to some other source code management system. Despite the "done deal" air in the discussion, everything remained with status quo, but the discussion might be interesting to others contemplating similar changes.

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