Statistics is the field of collectiong, cleaning, organizing, interpreting, and analysing data.


Statistical Distributions

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Lognormal Income Distributions

Tcl Libraries



To do: provide example Tcl scripts performing the following:

  • basic descriptive statistics
  • simple tests
  • linear regression
  • error and percentile estimations
  • more general regressions
  • ordinal statistics
  • ...

Data Analysis

Statistical Analysis and Graphing , Arjen Markus, 2015: A tutorial that uses math::statistics and Plotchartt to analyse some meteorological data.

Data analysis with Tcl
A basic tutorial for beginners.
Humble beginnings of a data analysis tool, Arjen Markus
Kruskal-Wallis test


A complete and free statistical package with a Tcl/Tk frontend.

What: R

 What: Brodgar
 Description: Package for statistical data analysis, with a GUI based on
        Tcl/Tk 8.3 and BLT.
 Updated: 03/2001

 What: gequal
 Description: A heavily modified version of the easytcl development
        script.  Features ability to create and edit Tcl HTML files,
        ability to invoke various aolserver tcl functions, includes
        a simple Statistics script, evaluates sub directories,
        has informative main pages, can be used stand-alone,
        manage virtual servers, etc. all in one window.
        access_log analysis is available now.  Requires AOLServer
        versions 2.1 or greater.
        See the uni-bochum WWW site for a demo of the software. Use
        "guest,easytcl" as user-password combination.
 Updated: 08/1997
 Contact: mailto:[email protected] (W.Bathelt)

 What: NeoWebScript
 Description: A server-side scripting environment based on the Apache
        HTTP server and Safe-Tcl.  NeoWebScript is a module that adds
        in-HTML-file programability to the Apache HTTP server.
        It also supports ApacheSSL.
        With NeoWebScript you have access to per-uid dpopen database files,
        random and sequential files, HTML page inclusion, logging,
        procedure libraries, random numbers, date and time functions,
        calculations of server hits per hour, counter systems for
        statistics, improved debugging, file cataloging and a new
        forms library.
        The mini release is designed for a site which already has Tcl,
        tclX, db.1.85 and Apache already installed.
        Note that updates have been appearing quite regularly, so keep an
        eye on news:comp.lang.tcl for information on the
        latest version.  This module is freely distributable except
        for commercial resale.
        V2.2 of NeoWebScript works with Apache v1.2.0.
        The webdemos WWW page have some demos for NeoWebScript written
        by mailto:[email protected] (Horace Vallas).
        As of June 1999, NeoWebScript is now released as Open Source.
 Updated: 06/2001
 Contact: mailto:[email protected]

 What: OMNeT++
 Description: A C++ based discrete event simulator, featuring a graphical
        model editor, textual model topology language, simulation class
        library, process based activity description, run time user
        interfaces (batch, graphical, TVision), message flow and
        statistics animation, interactive simulation, tracing,
        random seed generaator tool, result analysis and plotting and
        support for PVM parallel Virtual Machine.  Tcl/Tk used to build
        several of the graphical tools.  Has been ported to Windows 95/NT.
        Currently at version 2.1 .
 Updated: 07/1998
 Contact: mailto:[email protected] (Andras Varga)
        mailto:[email protected]

 What: pasu
 Description: A set of Tcl/Tk based probability and statistics utilities.
        The objective is quick and simple solutions to general probability and
        statistical questions.
 Updated: 07/1999
 Contact: mailto:[email protected]

 What: router-stats
 Description: Gather statistics about router data and then create bar
        graphs of the data.  For more data, see
        Depends on Tcl, Expect, and Perl.
 Contact: mailto:[email protected] (Iain Lea)

 What: SIMEX
 Description: Discrete event simulation model support, providing random
        number generation, event and process management, user interface
        classes, aggregate statistics, and some basic data structions.
 Updated: 04/1997
 Contact: mailto:[email protected]
        mailto:[email protected]

 What: Biowish
 Description: A Tcl/Tk 8 extension used in molecular biology.  Contains
        commands for sequence editing, translations, statistics,
        DNA incrementor, sequence mutation, BLAST database searchs,
        sequence editing widget, and more.
 Updated: 11/1997
 Contact: mailto:[email protected] (Thomas Sicheritz-Pontn)

 What: Miscellaneous
 Description: Collection of Tcl 8 commands that contact found missing.
        Includes min(), max(), round2(), floor2(), ceil2(), isint(),
        isdouble(), iseven(), isodd(), pi(), e(), lassign (eval a command
        against each element in a list), lstat (statistics - does sum,
        average), linter (logical intersection), lminus (logical subtraction),
        lunion (unique union), linlist (is item in the list), ldelete
        (delete one or more elements from a list), lextend (if argument
        not in list, append to the list), lshrink (if argument in list,
        delete from list), lchange (if oldvalue in list, replace by new
        value), loop (calculate start, end and increment values before
        beginning loop), do/while, try (exception handling), decode
        (if argument found in first part of an element in a paired key list,
        return the second part), complete (compare arg against elements to
        see if it matches or is an abbreviation of an element and return
        the match if found), hexdump (convert binary data to a hex dump
        output string), options (process arguments to a procedure),
 Updated: 03/2003
 Contact: mailto:[email protected] (Michael Kraus)

 What: XBit
 Description: Tk image acquisition, processing, presentation and production
        extension.  It has modules for image FFT, IFFT and filtering in
        frequency domain, image calibration, convolution, geocorrection,
        statistics, classification, principal compontents, 3d display,
        orthophoto correction, capture from canvas, windows, digital cameras,
        save to/from clipboard, etc.
        Be sure to examine license.
        Currently at version 3.2 .
 Updated: 06/2001
 Contact: mailto:[email protected] (Chengye Mao)


Ed Hume does statistics in his factory control program. No one seems to know yet whether all of it appears in LA.