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Who Are We

The Tcl Community Association (Tcl Association) is a non-profit organization devoted to promoting and supporting the Tcl/Tk language. We are distinct from the defunct Tcl Consortium

Where Are We

Our website is at

What Are We Doing

  • The TCLA is the body that runs the annual US Tcl Conference. This is our primary activity.
  • The TCLA is also the liaison for the Tcl participation in the Google Summer of Code. (Google requires an organization to deal with.)
  • For the past few years, the TCLA has paid for the system. This is expected to continue. I.e. we are the custodian of the Tcler's Wiki, on behalf of the Tcl Community. See About the Wiki.

Related Organizations

Members of the Board

Nathan Coulter
Clif Flynt
Ron Fox
Cyndy Lilagan
Gerald Lester
Steve Redler

Historical Notes

MR: The Tcl Association (short TCLA) is the organization that runs the conference. The association was formed basically as a way to have funds from the Tcl Conferences carry over year to year, but so that it doesn't have to be one person's responsibility. So in that sense, it's just about creating a corporate entity to "own" the conference over the long term. So no grand ambitions. :-)

[Clif and others. Thursday night at 13th]

DKF: While I'm sure I was in the room that the discussion was in, the beer was far more appealing. :-) So what follows is purely my inaccurate recollections:

  • Always have current (and previous/next?) Site Chair involved.
  • Set up as Delaware corporation (for reasons I used to know, but forgot).
  • Need a set of by-laws, but can leverage "standard packs" of them for people who want to do this sort of thing. It's hardly uncommon.

SDW: And for the 15th Annual Conference (2008) the Site Chair is Sean Deely Woods. The location will be Philadelphia (barring something odd). Ok, something odd did come up. Targeting the NOVA/DC area.

clif flynt The Tcl Community Association (Tcl Association) is a non-profit organization devoted to promoting and supporting the Tcl/Tk language.

The reason for two names has to do with the evolution of the organization and different forms being filed at different times and names being locked because of one set of forms or another. At some point, (when someone has time to deal with the red tape) the Tcl Association name will be acquired by the Tcl Community Association.

As of March 2010, the Tcl Community Association is a registered not-for-profit corporation in the state of Michigan. The paperwork to be a schedule 501-c(6) non-profit corporation with the US govt has been filed, but not yet processed.

The c(6) status means that the TCLA does not need to pay taxes on 'profits' (not that we have many), and does not provide a tax credit to people donating money to the TCLA. (501-c(3) is the non-profit Educational status that allows people to donate money and get a tax deduction.)

The bylaws and filings do not prohibit the TCLA from ever applying for a 501-c(3), but the c(6) is an easier classification to get approved, so it made sense to get this done and worry about the harder parts later.

DKF: I don't know when it got processed, but 501-c(6) status was approved some time before September 2013.


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DKF: The home page of the association is badly broken by virtue of being unable to find JQuery or JQueryUI.

RKzn 2016-06-13: 2.5 years later it (still? again?) is not good. The menu floats off the left side of the window - viewed on Vivaldi, (old) Opera, and Firefox.

escargo Also, no links to conference proceedings for 2014 and onwards to now (2023).