Tcl for Kids


This page presents a list resources to help children learn Tcl, sorted into an order which might be useful as a course of study

The List

A funny cookbook
Canvas Object Movement Example
99 bottles of beer
Magic Eight Ball, a novice tutorial for kids
A minimal editor
Animations on a Canvas
A minimal editor explained
Elementary Computer Graphics: Drawing with Pixels ,Michael J. Norton ,2003
A simple memory game
A little Tic Tac Toe game
Nine Men Morris
A little Yahtzee game
A symmetric doodler
Elevator simulation
Moon Lander
Simple Space Ship Game

Computer Game Designing on the Macbook ,Sean Woods

Programming Games

Robbie the Robot, by WHD
A game intended to teach simple programming skills (in Tcl, naturally).
Turtleshell, by RS
A small entironment for playing with Tcl and Turtle graphics the LOGO way.


This section lists some Tcl programs that might kids might have a some fun with, and learn something from. The code itself may be too complex for the beginner level, so should probably be elided until more proficiency is gained.

Slideshow of words for teaching reading
Classic Eliza
Rain Storm
Particle System
Fun with functions
Playing with bits
Eight checkboxes that represent the bits of a byte
A letter toy
displays a single letter, a harmonic color wheel, and makes some noise. Good for kids 3 and under.
A little reaction tester
Measure your response time.


Agents, sprites and young programmers
Teach programming to children
programmed story telling
Clif Flynts CS 146 Game Lab (Tcl for Teens)

Learning Math with Tcl



Non-Tcl Resources

These things might inspire the young mind

teaches computer programming in a 3-D enviornment. bsd-style license
Code Academy
Learn to code interactively, for free (but not Tcl)
free mathematics software for learning and teaching
How To Teach Programming To Kids ,Chris Pirillo ,2009
Teaching your kids how to write computer programs ,Marshal Brain
Programming for kids
Teaching Kids Programming
commercial site offering subscription-based courses for various languages (but not Tcl)

Non-Tcl Reading

Discussion of Don Box: Teaching my kids to program

Assignments (ordered efficient learning)


Write a procedure called "any" that is true when any items of one list are in another list, and false otherwise. In the example below, "are" and "fruits" are procedures

any {apples bananas oranges carrots} fruits


Write a procedure called "all" that is true when all items of one list are in another list, and false otherwise

all {apples bananas oranges carrots} fruits


Write a procedure called "which" whose value is a list of items from a list that pass a certain test.

which {apples bananas oranges carrots} fruits


Write a procedure called "are" whose value is a list containing "yes" or "no" for each item from from another list, depending on whether the item from the other list passed a specified test.

are {apples bananas oranges carrots} fruits

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