Title: TclMiniSplash

Description: This Tcl extension provides Tcl/Tk app developers with a small, simple splash screen.

A splash screen is a small window without a title bar. It's most often used by applications which must load a large number of resources to start, so a splash screen provides instant confirmation that the program has started and has not crashed.

License: BSD style license.


Author/s: Peter Caffin (peterc).

Requires: Tk.

Rationale: TclMiniSplash's main advantages over some other splash screen packages are: (a) It's tiny, (b) It provides some activity indication, (c) It can be loaded and run from your script just like any other normal package, and, (d) For your convenience, it contains a TAP file for use with ActiveState's TDK.

Latest release: The current version is 0.01, released on 2009-07-18.


Above: Splash screen on Mac OS X. On Mac, it will use the standard Mac background colour.

See also: splash screen, Adding a splash screen to a Starkit and splash library.