Tclode is a compiled extension by Kevin Kenny that makes it possible to use the ODEPACK library to solve systems of ordinary differential equations from within Tcl.

Its home is at: [L1 ]

Note: The nice thing about ODEPACK and therefore Tclode is that it automatically choses the best method for solving the system at hand. It uses a whole scala of methods to achieve this goal without the user having to worry about it.

AK: Binaries for various platforms are available through ActiveState's TEApot . Just a

 % teacup install Tclode


arjen - 2010-03-08 03:55:09

I have thought about wrapping all manner of numerical libraries - there is a lot out there and we are (in my humble opinion) under-utilizing the possibilities wrapper packages such as Critcl or my own Wrapfort (part of ftcl) offer. One thing that I am lacking (besides time, but that is a matter of priorities ;)) is a good place to store the code and perhaps pre-built extensions ... Well, I just had to mention it somewhere.

SEH: Sounds like a summer of code project!

AM I have considered it but I am not quite sure ... oh well, I can propose it anyway :). See that page.

2010-03-08 When doing that, please have a look at NAP, because it enables common data structures for numerical libraries.

AM I know NAP and I like it. It does not, however, seem the most convenient way to go about: it defines data structures with far more properties than usually needed for, say, basic spatial interpolation algorithms where you pass the x- and y-coordinates and the values of a bunch of sample points.