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This page contains links to various people-related pages on this Wiki as well as some information on how to become a contributor or user.

People & Community

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Community Ethos

Like all communities The Tcl community has a certain personality. Some of the traits that have emerged, although of course not everyone agrees with each thing:

We eat our own dog food
as hypnotoad pointed out in the Tcl Chatroom on 2014-10-07, this is one of the central tenants of the Church of Tcl. Our chat client is Tcl, our webserver is Tcl, our change management system and favorite database was written by a community member. For better or for worse, we eat our own dog food.

aspect: underscoring that "not everyone agrees", immediately after in the chat:

    <dgp> and where has that gotten us?
    <steve> those are all mistakes, yes

The reader may also be amused by the substitution of tenant for tenet.

As for dog food, one thing I've really enjoyed about the Tcl community is a relative lack of dogma. Use the right tool for the job. Often that is Tcl, but when it's not, Tcl Plays well with others sufficiently that the world doesn't need to be re-made in its image.

Becoming a Tcler

  • No need to be a highly proficient programmer, it's sufficient to be convinced of your own inner genius. That is what is so great about Tcl!
  • You can become a Tcler by just learning the basics of the language, by learning a few things about Tk (for building graphical user-interfaces and doing graphical things in general)

Contribute to the Tclers' Wiki

  • Almost anything Tcl-related can be added to the Wiki - even criticism, as long as you are honest about it. Sample code, documentation, examples, book reviews, pointers to new software - all these, and more, are welcome!
  • The syntax is very simple - see Formatting Rules
  • No need to register as a user - just start editing an existing page (more details: Welcome visitors)