Prepared by DDG. A tclkit for Windows that includes Tix8.2 and some other great packages (size only 2.2 Mb). This is a complete development environment in just one file; you can run tcl-scripts, compile scripts, load Active-X controls (optcl), access databases (tclsqlite, tclodbc, metakit), send keys to Windows applications (cwind) and and and ....

If someone is really interested I can provide also other platforms (Linux, OSF1 ...) and update the stuff more regularly.

URL: [L1 ]

What versions of Tcl/Tk are available in TixTclKit form? Is 8.5a0 available for developers?

DDG : In the moment it is 8.4.2 but I can update to 8.4.5 easily. 8.5.a0 needs a new build of tclkit. I don't have MSVC, but the build is somewhat tricky for msys, see: [L2 ].

So, I thought I'd try this 'batteries included' distribution, but it doesn't contain Itk or Iwidgets.... so much for that. I think I'll stick with ActiveTcl and TclKit + kitten.

LV Which ActiveTcl - the ? So you have the latest ActiveTcl extensions, the latest TclKit and the latest kitten? You might want to be certain that the ActiveTcl license permits you to do this...

MDD: Just for laughs, I used it to compile a script to bytecode, then made a Starpack, renaming the bytecode file to main.tcl and using tixtclkit.exe as the runtime. It works like a charm.

BTW: How do you invoke wikit using this?

What do you mean when you say invoke wikit? Do you mean how do I invoke a web browser to display https://wiki.tcl-lang.org/ ? That doesn't seem likely. Or are you talking about providing help information via an interface similar to wikit as describing Adding Help to Scripted Documents? MDD: That was it. Thanks.

LES on May 29, 2004: Once again I feel compelled to say that this distribution gets a lot less attention than it deserves. I think ActiveTcl is great for developers, but intimidating to ordinary users. I think TixTclKit is a great way for the general public to run Tcl scripts.