TkOGL OpenGL widget

Package (for working with OpenGL) and examples available from this URL.

PWQ 20 Aug 05, Version 3.2 would not compile under linux due to incorrect header and library specification as well as incorect settings for libtool. Does not appear to be in active development.

I have been using tclogl which is put together much better.

I had some difficulty to build with VC6.0 because of the makefile but eventually got it to build. In the end I used the stock build and new functionality was added in another tcl dll extenstion to do my specific drawing. I used the tkogl to give me the drawing context mainly. So TkOgl worked well for me. I believe its development is in hybernation so maybe tclogl is the better longterm choice though.

peterc 2008-10-31: See also Tcl3D, the modern version of tclogl. It comes precompiled for a number of platforms including Linux, Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows and IRIX.