Paul Obermeier 2005/07/27

Tclogl offers the 3D functionality of OpenGL at the Tcl scripting level. Tclogl is an improved and enhanced OpenGL binding based on the work done with Frustum by Roger E Critchlow.

Paul Obermeier 2006/01/15

TclOgl has been enhanced and renamed to Tcl3D.

More info and images can be found at

Please use the following page for discussion about Tcl3D: Tcl3D Discussion

Tclogl uses SWIG and its extended typemap features to generate a consistent mapping between OpenGL C functions and equivalent Tcl commands without changing the OpenGL header files. Currently the OpenGL core functions defined in gl.h and the OpenGL utility functions defined in glu.h can be wrapped into a Tcl package. It has been tested on Windows, Linux and IRIX.

It uses a slightly modified version of Togl to display the 3D contents.

For a detailed description of the implementation and usage of tclogl, see the paper held at the Fifth European Tcl/Tk Users Meeting.

The paper, sources (tclogl and modified Togl), demos (all OpenGL redbook C examples rewritten in Tcl), screenshots and binaries for Windows can be downloaded from

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