Tklib Contents

Currently tklib (0.7) includes at least the following packages:

Module Packages and description
Csaba Nemethi's Wcb, Tablelist, Scrollutil, Mentry
autoscroll Scroll bars that appear only when needed by KBK and AF.
canvas canvas::sqmap, canvas::zoom - Canvas with square-tiled background
chatwidget Megawidget for chat applications
crosshair Canvas crosshairs
ctext An extended text widget with customizable Syntax highlighting by GPS.
cursor ::cursor::display , ::cursor::propagate , ::cursor::restore by JH
datefield tcl-only datefield - a tcl/tk only clone of iwidgets datefield widget by Keith Vetter.
Diagrams A package for easy drawing diagrams like flowcharts by AM.
getstring A dialog which prompts the user for a string, see Another little value dialog by AF.
history tklib_history Adds a scrollable history to an entry widget by AF.
ico Read and write icons from exe/dll/ico files by AF and Jeffrey Hobbs.
ipentry An IPv4/IPv6 address entry widget by AF.
khim Kevin's Hackey Input Method, by KBK.
ntext Alternative bindings to make the text widget behave more like other text-editing applications
plotchart Plots and charts by AM.
style setting tk styles via option database by David Welton.
swaplist An implementation of a disjointlistbox, by AF.
tablelist Multilist box widget for displaying and editing tables, by Csaba Nemethi.
tkpiechart Piecharts by Jean-Luc Fontaine.
tooltip provide balloon help type support by Jeffrey Hobbs. Tipstack is a companion to modify texts of a tooltip.
widget some megawidgets by Jeffrey Hobbs. (ruler, screenruler, scrolledwindow, scrolledtext, dialog, toolbar, panelframe, statusbar, menuentry, calendar, dateentry). Most of these are snidgets. This package is designed to use tile throughout.

See modules for the complete set.