Twelfth Annual Tcl/Tk Conference

Official conference info page:

TR - Live audio streams from the conference have been made available at [L1 ] as mp3 and ogg files. Listen to nearly all talks given in 2005!

Thanks to rmax for his work on this audio stream and stever for providing the hardware to send the stream out of the hotel.

Some pictures from the conference are posted at

The 12th [nearly?] Annual Tcl/Tk conference (Tcl2005), sponsored by COMPANY: Noumena Corporation and COMPANY: Mentor Graphics, with help from ActiveState, and ExpoTech. Portland, OR, Oct 24-28, 2005.

Come to the 12th Tcl/Tk Conference to:

  • Learn about the power of Tcl/Tk.
  • Present exciting new work involving Tcl/Tk.
  • See the latest developments in Tcl/Tk.
  • Meet Tcl/Tk researchers and users from academia, government and industry.
  • Plan for future Tcl/Tk related developments.

The conference program will include paper presentations, tutorials, Birds of a Feather (BOF) sessions and invited key-note talks. This call invites you to submit extended abstracts to be considered for the conference program. The conference schedule will consist of 2 days of tutorials (Monday - Tuesday) and 3 days for the main conference (Wednesday - Friday).

Keynote Speaker

Our keynote speaker will be Steve Collins, an attitude control system engineer at JPL (that means they let him steer spacecraft). Most recently, Steve was part of the Deep Impact team that blew a hole in the comet Tempel 1 (how many people do you know that have trashed a comet?)

Selected Papers

These papers have been selected to be presented at Tcl-2005 -

FanXE ,presented by Tom Allard


Online registration is available at [L2 ]


Come learn about Tcl from the experts. The tutorials will include both introductory classes for Tcl newcomers and advanced classes for experienced programmers to learn new tricks and techniques. Details are available at [L3 ]

Other Forms of Participation

For those who are not presenting a paper at the conference, but would like to present their work in some form, we do provide several other forms of participation.

Slots for Works-in-Progress (WIP) presentations and Birds-of-a-Feather sessions (BOFs) are available on a first-come, first-served basis by sending email to [email protected]. Some WIP and BOF time slots will be held open for on-site reservation, so we encourage all attendees with interesting work in progress to consider presenting that work at the conference.

For more details see the conference info page at

Program Committee

 Donal  Fellows       University of Manchester
 Clif   Flynt         Noumena Corp.
 Ron    Fox           NSCL Michigan State University
 Jeff   Hobbs         ActiveState Corp.
 Steve  Landers       Digital Smarties
 Gerald Lester        HMS Software
 Cyndy  Lilagan       Eolas Technologies Inc.
 Arjen  Markus        WL | Delft Hydraulics

Getting there

According to the TriMet trip planner [L4 ], getting to the Red Lion Hotel from PDX is pretty easy:

  • Board MAX Red Line to Beaverton TC
  • Get off at Convention Center MAX Station
  • Walk 0.1 mile east to 1021 NE Grand Ave

The train ride takes 26 minutes, and the fare is US$1.80.

LV So, is anyone attending the conference? If so, please consider adding a wiki page or two telling us what is happening!

... and can someone memorialize details here on the Ogg Vorbis audio feed, the Proceedings, and what's left from the Tutorials?

Comments on Tutorials

DKF: This year, I went to Richard Hipp's two tutorials on sqlite. They were excellent, and I have to say that sqlite is an interesting piece of software where I recognize many of the design tradeoffs from working with the core. I found it particularly interesting that the way you use sqlite in Tcl is much more natural than the way you do so in most of the other language bindings (e.g. PHP), and that this is deliberate policy on the part of the authors of those bindings. "Fools!" I think. "They've not understood the importance of good and natural interfaces."

MR If anyone cares, I've posted one note about the conference at my blog, with probably some others coming later...anyone else sharing their thoughts? ... time passes... Added a second entry.. permalinks to both posts are [L5 ] and [L6 ]. Anyone else have any post-trip reports?

escargo 3 Nov 2005 - Now that the conference is over, will there be a proceedings published, or complete papers/presentations made available?

SPB 4 Mar 2006 - To follow up with escargo's question. Can these proceedings be found anywhere? I've looked about everywhere I could think of, with no success in finding them. T'would be a pity for this contribution to be lost to the community.

RLH 31-Jul-2006 - Are the presentations going to be published?

RLH 06-Sept-2006 - I am persistent. : )

MBS 21-Feb-2007 - I'm also curious if the papers or presentations are available.