Vlerq is a research project for data structures.

It ignores conventional wisdom and introduces another way of representing and manipulating data in software. The implications are quite far-reaching, and exciting as well as frustrating.

Vlerq is an acronym which describes the idea:

  • Take Vectors
  • Add a Language
  • Make it Embeddable
  • Use the Relational model
  • Include a Query mechanism

Whether the result is worth leaving everything behind for is something only time will tell.

Speaking of relations, what is the relation between Tcl and Vlerq?

Vlerq is the basis of Ratcl & Rasql, two work-in-progress extensions for Tcl -jcw

Tclkit Lite is another development based on Vlerq.

MHo 2021-02-27: Where can one find some documentation about vlerq? Seems everyone is knowing about and using it, but nearly every link I found was a dead link or not leading to usable infos. The same is true for Mk4tcl - does it mean it isn't popular any more?

APN Not sure what you mean by popular but tclkits are primarily based on this tech. Re. jcw's web site you may find it at archived on the wayback site.

MHo: Yes I know. But the only documentation there for vlerq is that:

This version of Vlerq is written in Tcl.

Vlerq 1.8.0
Get the latest source code from the Subversion repository:

  svn co svn://svn.equi4.com/vlerq/trunk vlerq
More details to follow later...