Wiki summary - 10 february 2020

It has been quite a while since the previous summary. So let us not waste any more time!

Community efforts

A new version of Tklib has been released! A summary of its contents can be found in the aptly called Tklib Contents page and continue from there!

The yearly meetings for Tclers have already been given a page of their own:

Documenting it all

In this day and age, can anyone do without A Hypertext Help System? Its latest incarnation is called dgw::hyperhelp and uses a simple markup system.

But online help is one thing, a series of Articles describing not only the "how-to" but also the "what" and "when" of various language features is most definitely a welcome addition.

(... or a few quotations by anyone Who says Tcl rules..., as clearly not everyone is convinced, as a recent post on comp.lang.tcl shows.)

To make things simple

Tip 556: Add oo like widgets to Tk proposes to, well, add oo like widgets.

A Package Repository Server might be a good idea - with the necessary components also available. Especially if you also consider How to build good packages ...

A programming problem can often be solved in Tcl in very different ways, an example is that of Splitting a string on arbitrary substrings.

The collection of themes in themed widgets can always be extended, as witnessed by the awlight ttk theme and the awdark ttk theme.

Beyond the obvious

We are not easily limited to the ordinary computing devices, as A Tcl extension for FPGA compiled C function direct interaction shows.

Or try Undroidwish on the Raspberry Pi 3: perhaps not for the weak of heart, but persist!