Wiki summary - 10 july 2019

It may not be obvious, but the Wiki has reached the venerable age of 20 years this month. Together with the conferences, meetings, the Tclers' chat and the newsgroup, a veritable treasure trove.

What's new

It may be described as experimental, but the Taygete Scrap Book is a Jupyter Notebook like application that holds quite some promise! Check it out for yourself. Demos included.

Building a GUI consists of several steps, of which the design of the windows is an important one. TkSketch is meant to make that step easier - look at the video how that is achieved. And one nice thing: it generates the required code not just for Tcl/Tk.

For all of us

The last weekend of last month was devoted to the 17th European Tcl/Tk Users Meeting 2019. The list of presentations looks cool and so do the photos!

BAWT by Paul Obermeier (one of the organisers of the European Tcl/Tk Users Meetings) has reached version 1.0.0. It helps building C/C++ libraries. But see also the Binary Distributions page for its other goodies.

Security and the Internet are not necessarily natural allies, but perhaps NaCl - Networking and Cryptography library (pronounced "salt") can help?

UNICODE characters are a blessing and a curse ... Why AndroWish switched to TCL_UTF_MAX=6 lists some aspects in relation to Tcl's finer details.

More than meets the eye

An innocent looking name, OpenSees, but if you go and read the page you'll see an application that simulates the behaviour of constructions during earthquakes. And even if you are not into engineering, the screenshots alone are worth a closer look.

Some of the pages on the Wiki have been made interactive via CloudTk. I will not spoil your hunt for these pages by listing them, but have a look at, say, Growing Tree or trains3.tcl ...

You can do many things with Tk, Multi-column Listbox with Button demonstrates compound widgets.

Other pages?

This is a slightly biased summary and no doubt I missed a handful of pages that deserved to be included. If you think something is missing, then surely, add it: this is just another Wiki page after all!