Wiki summary - 22 august 2019

We are in between conferences ... the European meeting was in june, the worldwide one will be held in november and summer time in the northern hemisphere. But that does not mean all is quiet. Check out the new Twitter feed for instance. Or the pages appearing below.

Curiouser and curiouser

One of the fun things with Tcl is that it quite often takes just a bit of code to do something awesome. Take A minimal debugger and make your own variations.

There is always room for more commands. What of this new list command - lselect as lindex does not give you more than a single element.

Markov Chains are a well-known device for certain types of probabilistic calculations, but here is a Markov Chain for Words.

Hidden in a page named JohnBuckman is a little coffee gem ... Check out the video, while drinking that brown gold.

Tcl inspires and keeps inspiring, like a lil' language or a preprocessor

To draw or not to draw

The famous utility GraphViz for drawing graphs (you know, connect the dots with edges and such) has a Tcl pendant, or is something amiss with the Windows build?

(Talking of graphs: users of Emacs may enjoy this little tool - tcl-digraphs.el GNU Emacs minor mode)

BRL-CAD is a powerful CAD tool whose interface relies heavily on Tcl/Tk widgets. The screenshots look impressive!

Maybe you need a CAD tool if you are drawing 3D objects, maybe not, in the plane all you need is a well-chosen set of circles. Well, epicycles to be more precise. See why the ancient Greek were so successful in describing the solar system! Drawing with epicycles and the Fourier transform gets you anywhere.

Simply intriguing

A small series of related pages, to start with the Package Downloads Client one caught your chronicler's eye. Something to look forward to ...

Ever got caught in a labyrinthine programming problem? TkMaze simply reverses that. Lacking the patience myself, I am glad the program can solve the puzzle all by itself!