bartabs, bar of tabs

It's all about a bar of tabs. Or a tab bar if you like it more.

The tab bars are widely used in various editors, e.g. in TKE , Geany , Kate , Pluma , all very good for Tcl/Tk programming, btw.

If you need a Tcl/Tk widget similar to the tab bars of those editors, you might try bartabs .

The bartabs v1.1.1 is a tab bar widget with a lot of options. It can be used as an independent widget or along with apave package as bts widget.

There is a demo (11 min., 29 Mb) presenting a good example of bartabs usage.

The bartabs package provides Tcl/Tk widget containing tabs that are

  • scrollable
  • markable
  • moveable
  • closeable
  • disabled and enabled
  • static and changeable
  • selectable and multi-selectable
  • configureable
  • enhanceable with popup menu

A common appearance of bartabs is below:


Here the details are:

  • the current file is test2_pave.tcl
    • its full name is displayed by a caller of bartabs
  • currently hovered file is test_pavedialog.tcl
    • its name is displayed short, due to the -lablen 16 option
  • so, its real name is displayed by bartabs in the tooltip
  • its tab has Close button at the right
  • Scroll left and Scroll right buttons are at both edges of bartabs
  • Scroll right button is disabled, as there are no tabs beyond the right edge

A bit customized versions of bartabs may look like the following.


Here the details are:

  • a color scheme is changed
  • the hovered tab has no tooltip, as its label isn't shortened
  • Scroll right button is enabled, as two tabs were scrolled to the right


Here the details are:

  • tabs have no border due to -bd 0 option
  • bartabs got -static yes option, so the hovered tab has not Close button


Here the details are:

  • bartabs is made -static no -bd 1 again
  • currently edited file is underlined instead of blue background, due to -fgsel {} option
  • some tabs are marked with magenta foreground, meaning "modified" or similar


Here the details are:

  • bartabs got -imagemark option, so the tabs are marked with an image
  • if not marked or hovered, the tabs can show its own images


Here the details are:

  • tabs can be multi-selected with Ctrl+Click
  • thus, the caller of bartabs can handle the batch of tabs


Here the details are:

  • handlers can be called using hot keys or a popup menu bound to bartabs
  • by default, the menu actions include: 1) choosing a tab 2) moving a tab 3) closing tab(s)
  • the list of tabs contains three separated tab lists: the invisible at left, the visible, the invisible at right
  • a tab can be moved with drag-and-drop or with "... behind" menu action
  • static (-static yes) bartabs has no actions except for choosing a tab
  • even for static bartabs, its caller can provide additional menu actions and submenus

Further details:

Download link:

Demo video links: