What: dgDBBrowser

 Where: http://goblet.molgen.mpg.de/tclkit/dgDBBrowser.kit
 Description: Tclkit based database viewer and editor for 
            Postgres, Mysql, Oracle, SQLite3, SQLite2, Metakit and ODBC.
 Platforms: Win32, Linux32, Linux64, Solaris,Mac-OSX (ppc,i86) 
            but not all databases on all platforms    
        export tables as csv or tabulated files, import tabulated, space,
        or comma separated files, create new tables, views from select         
        statements search tables by keywords, delete and rename views and 
        tables, colourized SQL-editor.
        Currently at version 1.26 .
 Updated: 02/2006
 Comment: Please use tclkit8.4 not the 8.5 alphas
 Contact: See web site, needs to be done soon.
 Who: Dr. Detlef Groth


 Platform SQLite3 SQLite2 Metakit Postgres Mysql ODBC Oracle
 Win32      x        x      x        x       x     x    x
 Linux32    x        x      x        x       x     -    -
 Linux64    x        x      x        x       x     -    -
 Solaris    x        -      x        -       -     -    -
 MacOSX     x        -      x        -       -     -    -

The minus symbols can be replaced if users are compiling the libraries for those extensions. The only exception is ODBC.

LV What does that last comment (about ODBC being an exception) mean?

DDG This comment means, that I am in doubt that I can port the ODBC extension to any other OS than Windows.


Anyone interested in supporting Tab and CSV files as well. My idea is to use the SQLite3-library and to use "create temp table" foreach tab- or csv file in a certain folder.

escargo 22 Feb 2007 - My greatest interest is probably importing from Microsoft Access. Of course, there is also a need for printing, but that's not a data base issue.

DDG Have you tried to register your Access-Database as an ODBC-Database inside the System-Administration Panel of Windows. If you succeed you can open the Access-File inside the dgDBBrowser like any other ODBC-compatible database.

escargo 26 Feb 2007 - No, I hadn't tried that. I only wanted to import the Access data base once, and then be completely separated from it. But you are certainly right that such a connection would be a good way to do it.

LV What is used to manipulate the imported file formats? Because the tcllib csv module allows one to specify the delimiter, so that one can have comma, space, tab, bang (!), or whatever else you need delimination. I wonder whether anyone is consistently using XML notation for such data - it seems like a natural fit.

DDG There is no XML-support planned, the CSV-Import is handmade, it's not to difficult to implement.

escargo 23 Feb 2007 - In fact, one of the export formats for Access is XML. (Of course, so is CSV.) I'm just trying reduce my requirements to use nonportable applications. (I really had a fondness for PowerBuilder, an RDBMS with a handy form builder as its front end. I've wondered what it would take to create a Tcl/Tk work-alike with flexible choice for the back-end DB.)

MHo 2010-11-26: Requesting Help|Help gives:

file open failed
file open failed
    while executing
"error $msg"
    (procedure "WikiDatabase" line 37)
    invoked from within
"WikiDatabase $db"
    (procedure "Wikit::init" line 4)
    invoked from within
"Wikit::init $dir 0 .top"
    (procedure "::app::Help" line 5)
    invoked from within
"::app::Help 0"
    (menu invoke)

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