What: dgsqlite
Where: http://www.dgroth.de/tcltk_dgsqlite.html
Description: Tclkit based sqlite database viewer and editor. Features tree structure representation of the database, can export tables as csv or tabulated files, import tabulated, space, or comma separated files, create new tables, views from select statements search tables by keywords, delete and rename views and tables, colourized SQL-editor.
Currently at version 0.7 .
Updated: 01/2004
Contact: See web site



unperson This looks like an excellent tool!

Detlev, I suspect you do like me: you create tools specifically for your projects which is why they're so useful. They fill a need.

I wonder: how easy is it to create a database with SQL Lite? Dgsqlite does not create SQL Lite databases, I am sure.

Detlef Groth

Creating a new empty Database is easy: File -> New Database. You can then either fill the database via standard sql or via importing csv-files.

AET 13feb07 I could not start dgSQLite.exe or dgSQLite.kit on WinXP. It complained of not having the dqlite3.dll in its VFS (a '/' missing from the path?):

 could not find interpreter "sqlite3"
   while executing
 "load (path snipped)/dgSQLite3.exe/lib/tclsqlite3/Windows/libtclsqlite3.dll sqlite3"
   ("package ifneeded" script)
   invoked from within 
 "package require sqlite"
   (procedure "packages" line 13)
 . . . 

I worked around this by starting a tclkit85 console, loading tclsqlite.dll, then sourcing dgSQLite.kit (thus removing the 'ifneeded' invocation).


Indeed there is a wrapping problem on WinXP, can you tell me your output from parray tcl_platform in your console ?

I might than be able to fix this.

 tcl_platform(byteOrder) = littleEndian
 tcl_platform(machine)   = intel
 tcl_platform(os)        = Windows NT
 tcl_platform(osVersion) = 5.1
 tcl_platform(platform)  = windows
 tcl_platform(user)      = alasdairtennant
 tcl_platform(wordSize)  = 4

Thanks for the data. Please note that dgSQLite is replaced now by dgDBBrowser an application which has an similar interface like dgSQLite but supports as well Postgres, Mysql, Oracle, ODBC, SQLite3, SQLite2 and Metakit Databases. You can download it here http://goblet.molgen.mpg.de/tclkit/dgDBBrowser.kit . Please note that the package mechanism between tclsqlite3 and Tclkit8.5a4 seems to be broken. So please use tclkit8.4.13. Supported platforms are Windows, Linux, Solaris, MacOSX but nor for all databases.