Emoji support isn't enabled by default. Recompiling with TCL_UTF_MAX=6 is needed; see Why AndroWish switched to TCL_UTF_MAX=6 for more.

twtxt.tcl includes a library for displaying emoji in a Tk text widget in Tcl built without TCL_UTF_MAX=6.


LarrySmith 2019-02-20: Here is a tcl file that sets up symbolic names for unicode emojis.

  # Unicode Names
  set uc_grinning_face \u1F600
  set uc_grinning_face_with_big_eyes \u1F603
  set uc_grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes \u1F604
  set uc_beaming_face_with_smiling_eyes \u1F601
  set uc_grinning_squinting_face \u1F606
  set uc_grinning_face_with_sweat \u1F605
  set uc_rolling_on_the_floor_laughing \u1F923
  set uc_face_with_tears_of_joy \u1F602
  set uc_slightly_smiling_face \u1F642
  set uc_upside-down_face \u1F643
  set uc_winking_face \u1F609
  set uc_smiling_face_with_smiling_eyes \u1F60A
  set uc_smiling_face_with_halo \u1F607
  set uc_smiling_face_with_hearts \u1F970
  set uc_smiling_face_with_heart-eyes \u1F60D
  set uc_star-struck \u1F929
  set uc_face_blowing_a_kiss \u1F618
  set uc_kissing_face \u1F617
  set uc_smiling_face \u263A
  set uc_kissing_face_with_closed_eyes \u1F61A
  set uc_kissing_face_with_smiling_eyes \u1F619
  set uc_face_savoring_food \u1F60B
  set uc_face_with_tongue \u1F61B
  set uc_winking_face_with_tongue \u1F61C
  set uc_zany_face \u1F92A
  set uc_squinting_face_with_tongue \u1F61D
  set uc_money-mouth_face \u1F911
  set uc_hugging_face \u1F917
  set uc_face_with_hand_over_mouth \u1F92D
  set uc_shushing_face \u1F92B
  set uc_thinking_face \u1F914
  set uc_zipper-mouth_face \u1F910
  set uc_face_with_raised_eyebrow \u1F928
  set uc_neutral_face \u1F610
  set uc_expressionless_face \u1F611
  set uc_face_without_mouth \u1F636
  set uc_smirking_face \u1F60F
  set uc_unamused_face \u1F612
  set uc_face_with_rolling_eyes \u1F644
  set uc_grimacing_face \u1F62C
  set uc_lying_face \u1F925
  set uc_relieved_face \u1F60C
  set uc_pensive_face \u1F614
  set uc_sleepy_face \u1F62A
  set uc_drooling_face \u1F924
  set uc_sleeping_face \u1F634
  set uc_face_with_medical_mask \u1F637
  set uc_face_with_thermometer \u1F912
  set uc_face_with_head-bandage \u1F915
  set uc_nauseated_face \u1F922
  set uc_face_vomiting \u1F92E
  set uc_sneezing_face \u1F927
  set uc_hot_face \u1F975
  set uc_cold_face \u1F976
  set uc_woozy_face \u1F974
  set uc_dizzy_face \u1F635
  set uc_exploding_head \u1F92F
  set uc_cowboy_hat_face \u1F920
  set uc_partying_face \u1F973
  set uc_smiling_face_with_sunglasses \u1F60E
  set uc_nerd_face \u1F913
  set uc_face_with_monocle \u1F9D0
  set uc_confused_face \u1F615
  set uc_worried_face \u1F61F
  set uc_slightly_frowning_face \u1F641
  set uc_frowning_face \u2639
  set uc_face_with_open_mouth \u1F62E
  set uc_hushed_face \u1F62F
  set uc_astonished_face \u1F632
  set uc_flushed_face \u1F633
  set uc_pleading_face \u1F97A
  set uc_frowning_face_with_open_mouth \u1F626
  set uc_anguished_face \u1F627
  set uc_fearful_face \u1F628
  set uc_anxious_face_with_sweat \u1F630
  set uc_sad_but_relieved_face \u1F625
  set uc_crying_face \u1F622
  set uc_loudly_crying_face \u1F62D
  set uc_face_screaming_in_fear \u1F631
  set uc_confounded_face \u1F616
  set uc_persevering_face \u1F623
  set uc_disappointed_face \u1F61E
  set uc_downcast_face_with_sweat \u1F613
  set uc_weary_face \u1F629
  set uc_tired_face \u1F62B
  set uc_face_with_steam_from_nose \u1F624
  set uc_pouting_face \u1F621
  set uc_angry_face \u1F620
  set uc_face_with_symbols_on_mouth \u1F92C
  set uc_smiling_face_with_horns \u1F608
  set uc_angry_face_with_horns \u1F47F
  set uc_skull \u1F480
  set uc_skull_and_crossbones \u2620
  set uc_pile_of_poo \u1F4A9
  set uc_clown_face \u1F921
  set uc_ogre \u1F479
  set uc_goblin \u1F47A
  set uc_ghost \u1F47B
  set uc_alien \u1F47D
  set uc_alien_monster \u1F47E
  set uc_robot \u1F916
  set uc_grinning_cat \u1F63A
  set uc_grinning_cat_with_smiling_eyes \u1F638
  set uc_cat_with_tears_of_joy \u1F639
  set uc_smiling_cat_with_heart-eyes \u1F63B
  set uc_cat_with_wry_smile \u1F63C
  set uc_kissing_cat \u1F63D
  set uc_weary_cat \u1F640
  set uc_crying_cat \u1F63F
  set uc_pouting_cat \u1F63E
  set uc_see-no-evil \u1F648
  set uc_hear-no-evil \u1F649
  set uc_speak-no-evil \u1F64A
  set uc_kiss_mark \u1F48B
  set uc_love_letter \u1F48C
  set uc_heart_with_arrow \u1F498
  set uc_heart_with_ribbon \u1F49D
  set uc_sparkling_heart \u1F496
  set uc_growing_heart \u1F497
  set uc_beating_heart \u1F493
  set uc_revolving_hearts \u1F49E
  set uc_two_hearts \u1F495
  set uc_heart_decoration \u1F49F
  set uc_heart_exclamation \u2763
  set uc_broken_heart \u1F494
  set uc_red_heart \u2764
  set uc_orange_heart \u1F9E1
  set uc_yellow_heart \u1F49B
  set uc_green_heart \u1F49A
  set uc_blue_heart \u1F499
  set uc_purple_heart \u1F49C
  set uc_black_heart \u1F5A4
  set uc_hundred_points \u1F4AF
  set uc_anger_symbol \u1F4A2
  set uc_collision \u1F4A5
  set uc_dizzy \u1F4AB
  set uc_sweat_droplets \u1F4A6
  set uc_dashing_away \u1F4A8
  set uc_hole \u1F573
  set uc_bomb \u1F4A3
  set uc_speech_balloon \u1F4AC
  set uc_eye_in_speech_bubble \u1F441
  set uc_left_speech_bubble \u1F5E8
  set uc_right_anger_bubble \u1F5EF
  set uc_thought_balloon \u1F4AD
  set uc_zzz \u1F4A4
  set uc_waving_hand \u1F44B
  set uc_raised_back_of_hand \u1F91A
  set uc_hand_with_fingers_splayed \u1F590
  set uc_raised_hand \u270B
  set uc_vulcan_salute \u1F596
  set uc_OK_hand \u1F44C
  set uc_victory_hand \u270C
  set uc_crossed_fingers \u1F91E
  set uc_love-you_gesture \u1F91F
  set uc_sign_of_the_horns \u1F918
  set uc_call_me_hand \u1F919
  set uc_backhand_index_pointing_left \u1F448
  set uc_backhand_index_pointing_right \u1F449
  set uc_backhand_index_pointing_up \u1F446
  set uc_middle_finger \u1F595
  set uc_backhand_index_pointing_down \u1F447
  set uc_index_pointing_up \u261D
  set uc_thumbs_up \u1F44D
  set uc_thumbs_down \u1F44E
  set uc_raised_fist \u270A
  set uc_oncoming_fist \u1F44A
  set uc_left-facing_fist \u1F91B
  set uc_right-facing_fist \u1F91C
  set uc_clapping_hands \u1F44F
  set uc_raising_hands \u1F64C
  set uc_open_hands \u1F450
  set uc_palms_up_together \u1F932
  set uc_handshake \u1F91D
  set uc_folded_hands \u1F64F
  set uc_writing_hand \u270D
  set uc_nail_polish \u1F485
  set uc_selfie \u1F933
  set uc_flexed_biceps \u1F4AA
  set uc_leg \u1F9B5
  set uc_foot \u1F9B6
  set uc_ear \u1F442
  set uc_nose \u1F443
  set uc_brain \u1F9E0
  set uc_tooth \u1F9B7
  set uc_bone \u1F9B4
  set uc_eyes \u1F440
  set uc_eye \u1F441
  set uc_tongue \u1F445
  set uc_mouth \u1F444
  set uc_baby \u1F476
  set uc_child \u1F9D2
  set uc_boy \u1F466
  set uc_girl \u1F467
  set uc_person \u1F9D1
  set uc_person_blond_hair \u1F471
  set uc_man \u1F468
  set uc_man_beard \u1F9D4
  set uc_man_blond_hair \u1F471
  set uc_man_red_hair \u1F468
  set uc_man_curly_hair1 \u1F468
  set uc_man_curly_hair2 \u200D
  set uc_man_curly_hair \u1F9B1
  set uc_man_white_hair1 \u1F468
  set uc_man_white_hair2 \u200D
  set uc_man_white_hair \u1F9B3
  set uc_man_bald1 \u1F468
  set uc_man_bald2 \u200D
  set uc_man_bald \u1F9B2
  set uc_woman \u1F469
  set uc_woman_blond_hair \u1F471
  set uc_woman_red_hair1 \u1F469
  set uc_woman_red_hair2 \u200D
  set uc_woman_red_hair \u1F9B0
  set uc_woman_curly_hair1 \u1F469
  set uc_woman_curly_hair2 \u200D
  set uc_woman_curly_hair \u1F9B1
  set uc_woman_white_hair1 \u1F469
  set uc_woman_white_hair2 \u200D
  set uc_woman_white_hair \u1F9B3
  set uc_woman_bald1 \u1F469
  set uc_woman_bald2 \u200D
  set uc_woman_bald \u1F9B2
  set uc_older_person \u1F9D3
  set uc_old_man \u1F474
  set uc_old_woman \u1F475
  set uc_person_frowning \u1F64D
  set uc_man_frowning \u1F64D
  set uc_woman_frowning \u1F64D
  set uc_person_pouting \u1F64E
  set uc_man_pouting \u1F64E
  set uc_woman_pouting \u1F64E
  set uc_person_gesturing_NO \u1F645
  set uc_man_gesturing_NO \u1F645
  set uc_woman_gesturing_NO \u1F645
  set uc_person_gesturing_OK \u1F646
  set uc_man_gesturing_OK \u1F646
  set uc_woman_gesturing_OK \u1F646
  set uc_person_tipping_hand \u1F481
  set uc_man_tipping_hand \u1F481
  set uc_woman_tipping_hand \u1F481
  set uc_person_raising_hand \u1F64B
  set uc_man_raising_hand \u1F64B
  set uc_woman_raising_hand \u1F64B
  set uc_person_bowing \u1F647
  set uc_man_bowing \u1F647
  set uc_woman_bowing \u1F647
  set uc_person_facepalming \u1F926
  set uc_man_facepalming \u1F926
  set uc_woman_facepalming \u1F926
  set uc_person_shrugging \u1F937
  set uc_man_shrugging \u1F937
  set uc_woman_shrugging \u1F937
  set uc_man_health_worker \u1F468
  set uc_woman_health_worker \u1F469
  set uc_man_student \u1F468
  set uc_woman_student \u1F469
  set uc_man_teacher \u1F468
  set uc_woman_teacher \u1F469
  set uc_man_judge \u1F468
  set uc_woman_judge \u1F469
  set uc_man_farmer \u1F468
  set uc_woman_farmer \u1F469
  set uc_man_cook \u1F468
  set uc_woman_cook \u1F469
  set uc_man_mechanic \u1F468
  set uc_woman_mechanic \u1F469
  set uc_man_factory_worker \u1F468
  set uc_woman_factory_worker \u1F469
  set uc_man_office_worker \u1F468
  set uc_woman_office_worker \u1F469
  set uc_man_scientist \u1F468
  set uc_woman_scientist \u1F469
  set uc_man_technologist \u1F468
  set uc_woman_technologist \u1F469
  set uc_man_singer \u1F468
  set uc_woman_singer \u1F469
  set uc_man_artist \u1F468
  set uc_woman_artist \u1F469
  set uc_man_pilot \u1F468
  set uc_woman_pilot \u1F469
  set uc_man_astronaut \u1F468
  set uc_woman_astronaut \u1F469
  set uc_man_firefighter \u1F468
  set uc_woman_firefighter \u1F469
  set uc_police_officer \u1F46E
  set uc_man_police_officer \u1F46E
  set uc_woman_police_officer \u1F46E
  set uc_detective \u1F575
  set uc_man_detective \u1F575
  set uc_woman_detective \u1F575
  set uc_guard \u1F482
  set uc_man_guard \u1F482
  set uc_woman_guard \u1F482
  set uc_construction_worker \u1F477
  set uc_man_construction_worker \u1F477
  set uc_woman_construction_worker \u1F477
  set uc_prince \u1F934
  set uc_princess \u1F478
  set uc_person_wearing_turban \u1F473
  set uc_man_wearing_turban \u1F473
  set uc_woman_wearing_turban \u1F473
  set uc_man_with_Chinese_cap \u1F472
  set uc_woman_with_headscarf \u1F9D5
  set uc_man_in_tuxedo \u1F935
  set uc_bride_with_veil \u1F470
  set uc_pregnant_woman \u1F930
  set uc_breast-feeding \u1F931
  set uc_baby_angel \u1F47C
  set uc_Santa_Claus \u1F385
  set uc_Mrs_Claus \u1F936
  set uc_superhero \u1F9B8
  set uc_man_superhero1 \u1F9B8
  set uc_man_superhero2 \u200D
  set uc_man_superhero3 \u2642
  set uc_man_superhero \uFE0F
  set uc_woman_superhero1 \u1F9B8
  set uc_woman_superhero2 \u200D
  set uc_woman_superhero3 \u2640
  set uc_woman_superhero \uFE0F
  set uc_supervillain \u1F9B9
  set uc_man_supervillain1 \u1F9B9
  set uc_man_supervillain2 \u200D
  set uc_man_supervillain3 \u2642
  set uc_man_supervillain \uFE0F
  set uc_woman_supervillain1 \u1F9B9
  set uc_woman_supervillain2 \u200D
  set uc_woman_supervillain3 \u2640
  set uc_woman_supervillain \uFE0F
  set uc_mage \u1F9D9
  set uc_man_mage \u1F9D9
  set uc_woman_mage \u1F9D9
  set uc_fairy \u1F9DA
  set uc_man_fairy \u1F9DA
  set uc_woman_fairy \u1F9DA
  set uc_vampire \u1F9DB
  set uc_man_vampire \u1F9DB
  set uc_woman_vampire \u1F9DB
  set uc_merperson \u1F9DC
  set uc_merman \u1F9DC
  set uc_mermaid \u1F9DC
  set uc_elf \u1F9DD
  set uc_man_elf \u1F9DD
  set uc_woman_elf \u1F9DD
  set uc_genie \u1F9DE
  set uc_man_genie \u1F9DE
  set uc_woman_genie \u1F9DE
  set uc_zombie \u1F9DF
  set uc_man_zombie \u1F9DF
  set uc_woman_zombie \u1F9DF
  set uc_person_getting_massage \u1F486
  set uc_man_getting_massage \u1F486
  set uc_woman_getting_massage \u1F486
  set uc_person_getting_haircut \u1F487
  set uc_man_getting_haircut \u1F487
  set uc_woman_getting_haircut \u1F487
  set uc_person_walking \u1F6B6
  set uc_man_walking \u1F6B6
  set uc_woman_walking \u1F6B6
  set uc_person_running \u1F3C3
  set uc_man_running \u1F3C3
  set uc_woman_running \u1F3C3
  set uc_woman_dancing \u1F483
  set uc_man_dancing \u1F57A
  set uc_man_in_suit_levitating \u1F574
  set uc_people_with_bunny_ears \u1F46F
  set uc_men_with_bunny_ears \u1F46F
  set uc_women_with_bunny_ears \u1F46F
  set uc_person_in_steamy_room \u1F9D6
  set uc_man_in_steamy_room \u1F9D6
  set uc_woman_in_steamy_room \u1F9D6
  set uc_person_climbing \u1F9D7
  set uc_man_climbing \u1F9D7
  set uc_woman_climbing \u1F9D7
  set uc_person_fencing \u1F93A
  set uc_horse_racing \u1F3C7
  set uc_skier \u26F7
  set uc_snowboarder \u1F3C2
  set uc_person_golfing \u1F3CC
  set uc_man_golfing \u1F3CC
  set uc_woman_golfing \u1F3CC
  set uc_person_surfing \u1F3C4
  set uc_man_surfing \u1F3C4
  set uc_woman_surfing \u1F3C4
  set uc_person_rowing_boat \u1F6A3
  set uc_man_rowing_boat \u1F6A3
  set uc_woman_rowing_boat \u1F6A3
  set uc_person_swimming \u1F3CA
  set uc_man_swimming \u1F3CA
  set uc_woman_swimming \u1F3CA
  set uc_person_bouncing_ball \u26F9
  set uc_man_bouncing_ball \u26F9
  set uc_woman_bouncing_ball \u26F9
  set uc_person_lifting_weights \u1F3CB
  set uc_man_lifting_weights \u1F3CB
  set uc_woman_lifting_weights \u1F3CB
  set uc_person_biking \u1F6B4
  set uc_man_biking \u1F6B4
  set uc_woman_biking \u1F6B4
  set uc_person_mountain_biking \u1F6B5
  set uc_man_mountain_biking \u1F6B5
  set uc_woman_mountain_biking \u1F6B5
  set uc_person_cartwheeling \u1F938
  set uc_man_cartwheeling \u1F938
  set uc_woman_cartwheeling \u1F938
  set uc_people_wrestling \u1F93C
  set uc_men_wrestling \u1F93C
  set uc_women_wrestling \u1F93C
  set uc_person_playing_water_polo \u1F93D
  set uc_man_playing_water_polo \u1F93D
  set uc_woman_playing_water_polo \u1F93D
  set uc_person_playing_handball \u1F93E
  set uc_man_playing_handball \u1F93E
  set uc_woman_playing_handball \u1F93E
  set uc_person_juggling \u1F939
  set uc_man_juggling \u1F939
  set uc_woman_juggling \u1F939
  set uc_person_in_lotus_position \u1F9D8
  set uc_man_in_lotus_position \u1F9D8
  set uc_woman_in_lotus_position \u1F9D8
  set uc_person_taking_bath \u1F6C0
  set uc_person_in_bed \u1F6CC
  set uc_women_holding_hands \u1F46D
  set uc_woman_and_man_holding_hands \u1F46B
  set uc_men_holding_hands \u1F46C
  set uc_kiss \u1F48F
  set uc_couple_with_heart \u1F491
  set uc_couple_with_heart1 \u1F469
  set uc_couple_with_heart2 \u200D
  set uc_couple_with_heart3 \u2764
  set uc_couple_with_heart4 \uFE0F
  set uc_couple_with_heart5 \u200D
  set uc_couple_with_heart6 \u1F468
  set uc_family \u1F46A
  set uc_family1 \u200D
  set uc_family2 \u1F467
  set uc_family3 \u200D
  set uc_family4 \u1F466
  set uc_family5 \u1F468
  set uc_speaking_head \u1F5E3
  set uc_bust_in_silhouette \u1F464
  set uc_busts_in_silhouette \u1F465
  set uc_footprints \u1F463
  set uc_red_hair \u1F9B0
  set uc_curly_hair \u1F9B1
  set uc_white_hair \u1F9B3
  set uc_bald \u1F9B2
  set uc_monkey_face \u1F435
  set uc_monkey \u1F412
  set uc_gorilla \u1F98D
  set uc_dog_face \u1F436
  set uc_dog \u1F415
  set uc_poodle \u1F429
  set uc_wolf \u1F43A
  set uc_fox \u1F98A
  set uc_raccoon \u1F99D
  set uc_cat_face \u1F431
  set uc_cat \u1F408
  set uc_lion \u1F981
  set uc_tiger_face \u1F42F
  set uc_tiger \u1F405
  set uc_leopard \u1F406
  set uc_horse_face \u1F434
  set uc_horse \u1F40E
  set uc_unicorn \u1F984
  set uc_zebra \u1F993
  set uc_deer \u1F98C
  set uc_cow_face \u1F42E
  set uc_ox \u1F402
  set uc_water_buffalo \u1F403
  set uc_cow \u1F404
  set uc_pig_face \u1F437
  set uc_pig \u1F416
  set uc_boar \u1F417
  set uc_pig_nose \u1F43D
  set uc_ram \u1F40F
  set uc_ewe \u1F411
  set uc_goat \u1F410
  set uc_camel \u1F42A
  set uc_two-hump_camel \u1F42B
  set uc_llama \u1F999
  set uc_giraffe \u1F992
  set uc_elephant \u1F418
  set uc_rhinoceros \u1F98F
  set uc_hippopotamus \u1F99B
  set uc_mouse_face \u1F42D
  set uc_mouse \u1F401
  set uc_rat \u1F400
  set uc_hamster \u1F439
  set uc_rabbit_face \u1F430
  set uc_rabbit \u1F407
  set uc_chipmunk \u1F43F
  set uc_hedgehog \u1F994
  set uc_bat \u1F987
  set uc_bear \u1F43B
  set uc_koala \u1F428
  set uc_panda \u1F43C
  set uc_kangaroo \u1F998
  set uc_badger \u1F9A1
  set uc_paw_prints \u1F43E
  set uc_turkey \u1F983
  set uc_chicken \u1F414
  set uc_rooster \u1F413
  set uc_hatching_chick \u1F423
  set uc_baby_chick \u1F424
  set uc_front-facing_baby_chick \u1F425
  set uc_bird \u1F426
  set uc_penguin \u1F427
  set uc_dove \u1F54A
  set uc_eagle \u1F985
  set uc_duck \u1F986
  set uc_swan \u1F9A2
  set uc_owl \u1F989
  set uc_peacock \u1F99A
  set uc_parrot \u1F99C
  set uc_frog \u1F438
  set uc_crocodile \u1F40A
  set uc_turtle \u1F422
  set uc_lizard \u1F98E
  set uc_snake \u1F40D
  set uc_dragon_face \u1F432
  set uc_dragon \u1F409
  set uc_sauropod \u1F995
  set uc_T-Rex \u1F996
  set uc_spouting_whale \u1F433
  set uc_whale \u1F40B
  set uc_dolphin \u1F42C
  set uc_fish \u1F41F
  set uc_tropical_fish \u1F420
  set uc_blowfish \u1F421
  set uc_shark \u1F988
  set uc_octopus \u1F419
  set uc_spiral_shell \u1F41A
  set uc_snail \u1F40C
  set uc_butterfly \u1F98B
  set uc_bug \u1F41B
  set uc_ant \u1F41C
  set uc_honeybee \u1F41D
  set uc_lady_beetle \u1F41E
  set uc_cricket \u1F997
  set uc_spider \u1F577
  set uc_spider_web \u1F578
  set uc_scorpion \u1F982
  set uc_mosquito \u1F99F
  set uc_microbe \u1F9A0
  set uc_bouquet \u1F490
  set uc_cherry_blossom \u1F338
  set uc_white_flower \u1F4AE
  set uc_rosette \u1F3F5
  set uc_rose \u1F339
  set uc_wilted_flower \u1F940
  set uc_hibiscus \u1F33A
  set uc_sunflower \u1F33B
  set uc_blossom \u1F33C
  set uc_tulip \u1F337
  set uc_seedling \u1F331
  set uc_evergreen_tree \u1F332
  set uc_deciduous_tree \u1F333
  set uc_palm_tree \u1F334
  set uc_cactus \u1F335
  set uc_sheaf_of_rice \u1F33E
  set uc_herb \u1F33F
  set uc_shamrock \u2618
  set uc_four_leaf_clover \u1F340
  set uc_maple_leaf \u1F341
  set uc_fallen_leaf \u1F342
  set uc_leaf_fluttering_in_wind \u1F343
  set uc_grapes \u1F347
  set uc_melon \u1F348
  set uc_watermelon \u1F349
  set uc_tangerine \u1F34A
  set uc_lemon \u1F34B
  set uc_banana \u1F34C
  set uc_pineapple \u1F34D
  set uc_mango \u1F96D
  set uc_red_apple \u1F34E
  set uc_green_apple \u1F34F
  set uc_pear \u1F350
  set uc_peach \u1F351
  set uc_cherries \u1F352
  set uc_strawberry \u1F353
  set uc_kiwi_fruit \u1F95D
  set uc_tomato \u1F345
  set uc_coconut \u1F965
  set uc_avocado \u1F951
  set uc_eggplant \u1F346
  set uc_potato \u1F954
  set uc_carrot \u1F955
  set uc_ear_of_corn \u1F33D
  set uc_hot_pepper \u1F336
  set uc_cucumber \u1F952
  set uc_leafy_green \u1F96C
  set uc_broccoli \u1F966
  set uc_mushroom \u1F344
  set uc_peanuts \u1F95C
  set uc_chestnut \u1F330
  set uc_bread \u1F35E
  set uc_croissant \u1F950
  set uc_baguette_bread \u1F956
  set uc_pretzel \u1F968
  set uc_bagel \u1F96F
  set uc_pancakes \u1F95E
  set uc_cheese_wedge \u1F9C0
  set uc_meat_on_bone \u1F356
  set uc_poultry_leg \u1F357
  set uc_cut_of_meat \u1F969
  set uc_bacon \u1F953
  set uc_hamburger \u1F354
  set uc_french_fries \u1F35F
  set uc_pizza \u1F355
  set uc_hot_dog \u1F32D
  set uc_sandwich \u1F96A
  set uc_taco \u1F32E
  set uc_burrito \u1F32F
  set uc_stuffed_flatbread \u1F959
  set uc_egg \u1F95A
  set uc_cooking \u1F373
  set uc_shallow_pan_of_food \u1F958
  set uc_pot_of_food \u1F372
  set uc_bowl_with_spoon \u1F963
  set uc_green_salad \u1F957
  set uc_popcorn \u1F37F
  set uc_salt \u1F9C2
  set uc_canned_food \u1F96B
  set uc_bento_box \u1F371
  set uc_rice_cracker \u1F358
  set uc_rice_ball \u1F359
  set uc_cooked_rice \u1F35A
  set uc_curry_rice \u1F35B
  set uc_steaming_bowl \u1F35C
  set uc_spaghetti \u1F35D
  set uc_roasted_sweet_potato \u1F360
  set uc_oden \u1F362
  set uc_sushi \u1F363
  set uc_fried_shrimp \u1F364
  set uc_fish_cake_with_swirl \u1F365
  set uc_moon_cake \u1F96E
  set uc_dango \u1F361
  set uc_dumpling \u1F95F
  set uc_fortune_cookie \u1F960
  set uc_takeout_box \u1F961
  set uc_crab \u1F980
  set uc_lobster \u1F99E
  set uc_shrimp \u1F990
  set uc_squid \u1F991
  set uc_soft_ice_cream \u1F366
  set uc_shaved_ice \u1F367
  set uc_ice_cream \u1F368
  set uc_doughnut \u1F369
  set uc_cookie \u1F36A
  set uc_birthday_cake \u1F382
  set uc_shortcake \u1F370
  set uc_cupcake \u1F9C1
  set uc_pie \u1F967
  set uc_chocolate_bar \u1F36B
  set uc_candy \u1F36C
  set uc_lollipop \u1F36D
  set uc_custard \u1F36E
  set uc_honey_pot \u1F36F
  set uc_baby_bottle \u1F37C
  set uc_glass_of_milk \u1F95B
  set uc_hot_beverage \u2615
  set uc_teacup_without_handle \u1F375
  set uc_sake \u1F376
  set uc_bottle_with_popping_cork \u1F37E
  set uc_wine_glass \u1F377
  set uc_cocktail_glass \u1F378
  set uc_tropical_drink \u1F379
  set uc_beer_mug \u1F37A
  set uc_clinking_beer_mugs \u1F37B
  set uc_clinking_glasses \u1F942
  set uc_tumbler_glass \u1F943
  set uc_cup_with_straw \u1F964
  set uc_chopsticks \u1F962
  set uc_fork_and_knife_with_plate \u1F37D
  set uc_fork_and_knife \u1F374
  set uc_spoon \u1F944
  set uc_kitchen_knife \u1F52A
  set uc_amphora \u1F3FA
  set uc_globe_showing_Americas \u1F30E
  set uc_globe_with_meridians \u1F310
  set uc_world_map \u1F5FA
  set uc_compass \u1F9ED
  set uc_snow-capped_mountain \u1F3D4
  set uc_mountain \u26F0
  set uc_volcano \u1F30B
  set uc_mount_fuji \u1F5FB
  set uc_camping \u1F3D5
  set uc_beach_with_umbrella \u1F3D6
  set uc_desert \u1F3DC
  set uc_desert_island \u1F3DD
  set uc_national_park \u1F3DE
  set uc_stadium \u1F3DF
  set uc_classical_building \u1F3DB
  set uc_building_construction \u1F3D7
  set uc_brick \u1F9F1
  set uc_houses \u1F3D8
  set uc_derelict_house \u1F3DA
  set uc_house \u1F3E0
  set uc_house_with_garden \u1F3E1
  set uc_office_building \u1F3E2
  set uc_Japanese_post_office \u1F3E3
  set uc_post_office \u1F3E4
  set uc_hospital \u1F3E5
  set uc_bank \u1F3E6
  set uc_hotel \u1F3E8
  set uc_love_hotel \u1F3E9
  set uc_convenience_store \u1F3EA
  set uc_school \u1F3EB
  set uc_department_store \u1F3EC
  set uc_factory \u1F3ED
  set uc_Japanese_castle \u1F3EF
  set uc_castle \u1F3F0
  set uc_wedding \u1F492
  set uc_Tokyo_tower \u1F5FC
  set uc_Statue_of_Liberty \u1F5FD
  set uc_church \u26EA
  set uc_mosque \u1F54C
  set uc_synagogue \u1F54D
  set uc_shinto_shrine \u26E9
  set uc_kaaba \u1F54B
  set uc_fountain \u26F2
  set uc_tent \u26FA
  set uc_foggy \u1F301
  set uc_night_with_stars \u1F303
  set uc_cityscape \u1F3D9
  set uc_sunrise_over_mountains \u1F304
  set uc_sunrise \u1F305
  set uc_cityscape_at_dusk \u1F306
  set uc_sunset uc_\u1F307
  set uc_bridge_at_night \u1F309
  set uc_hot_springs \u2668
  set uc_milky_way \u1F30C
  set uc_carousel_horse \u1F3A0
  set uc_ferris_wheel \u1F3A1
  set uc_roller_coaster \u1F3A2
  set uc_barber_pole \u1F488
  set uc_circus_tent \u1F3AA
  set uc_locomotive \u1F682
  set uc_railway_car \u1F683
  set uc_high-speed_train \u1F684
  set uc_bullet_train \u1F685
  set uc_train \u1F686
  set uc_metro \u1F687
  set uc_light_rail \u1F688
  set uc_station \u1F689
  set uc_tram \u1F68A
  set uc_monorail \u1F69D
  set uc_mountain_railway \u1F69E
  set uc_tram_car \u1F68B
  set uc_bus \u1F68C
  set uc_oncoming_bus \u1F68D
  set uc_trolleybus \u1F68E
  set uc_minibus \u1F690
  set uc_ambulance \u1F691
  set uc_fire_engine \u1F692
  set uc_police_car \u1F693
  set uc_oncoming_police_car \u1F694
  set uc_taxi \u1F695
  set uc_oncoming_taxi \u1F696
  set uc_automobile \u1F697
  set uc_oncoming_automobile \u1F698
  set uc_sport_utility_vehicle \u1F699
  set uc_delivery_truck \u1F69A
  set uc_articulated_lorry \u1F69B
  set uc_tractor \u1F69C
  set uc_racing_car \u1F3CE
  set uc_motorcycle \u1F3CD
  set uc_motor_scooter \u1F6F5
  set uc_bicycle \u1F6B2
  set uc_kick_scooter \u1F6F4
  set uc_skateboard \u1F6F9
  set uc_bus_stop \u1F68F
  set uc_motorway \u1F6E3
  set uc_railway_track \u1F6E4
  set uc_oil_drum \u1F6E2
  set uc_fuel_pump \u26FD
  set uc_police_car_light \u1F6A8
  set uc_horizontal_traffic_light \u1F6A5
  set uc_vertical_traffic_light \u1F6A6
  set uc_stop_sign \u1F6D1
  set uc_construction \u1F6A7
  set uc_anchor \u2693
  set uc_sailboat \u26F5
  set uc_canoe \u1F6F6
  set uc_speedboat \u1F6A4
  set uc_passenger_ship \u1F6F3
  set uc_ferry \u26F4
  set uc_motor_boat \u1F6E5
  set uc_ship \u1F6A2
  set uc_airplane \u2708
  set uc_small_airplane \u1F6E9
  set uc_airplane_departure \u1F6EB
  set uc_airplane_arrival \u1F6EC
  set uc_seat \u1F4BA
  set uc_helicopter \u1F681
  set uc_suspension_railway \u1F69F
  set uc_mountain_cableway \u1F6A0
  set uc_aerial_tramway \u1F6A1
  set uc_satellite \u1F6F0
  set uc_rocket \u1F680
  set uc_flying_saucer \u1F6F8
  set uc_bellhop_bell \u1F6CE
  set uc_luggage \u1F9F3
  set uc_hourglass_done \u231B
  set uc_hourglass_not_done \u23F3
  set uc_watch \u231A
  set uc_alarm_clock \u23F0
  set uc_stopwatch \u23F1
  set uc_timer_clock \u23F2
  set uc_mantelpiece_clock \u1F570
  set uc_new_moon \u1F311
  set uc_waxing_crescent_moon \u1F312
  set uc_first_quarter_moon \u1F313
  set uc_waxing_gibbous_moon \u1F314
  set uc_full_moon \u1F315
  set uc_waning_gibbous_moon \u1F316
  set uc_last_quarter_moon \u1F317
  set uc_waning_crescent_moon \u1F318
  set uc_crescent_moon \u1F319
  set uc_new_moon_face \u1F31A
  set uc_first_quarter_moon_face \u1F31B
  set uc_last_quarter_moon_face \u1F31C
  set uc_thermometer \u1F321
  set uc_sun \u2600
  set uc_full_moon_face \u1F31D
  set uc_sun_with_face \u1F31E
  set uc_star \u2B50
  set uc_glowing_star \u1F31F
  set uc_shooting_star \u1F320
  set uc_cloud \u2601
  set uc_sun_behind_cloud \u26C5
  set uc_cloud_with_lightning_and_rain \u26C8
  set uc_sun_behind_small_cloud \u1F324
  set uc_sun_behind_large_cloud \u1F325
  set uc_sun_behind_rain_cloud \u1F326
  set uc_cloud_with_rain \u1F327
  set uc_cloud_with_snow \u1F328
  set uc_cloud_with_lightning \u1F329
  set uc_tornado \u1F32A
  set uc_fog \u1F32B
  set uc_wind_face \u1F32C
  set uc_cyclone \u1F300
  set uc_rainbow \u1F308
  set uc_closed_umbrella \u1F302
  set uc_umbrella \u2602
  set uc_umbrella_with_rain_drops \u2614
  set uc_umbrella_on_ground \u26F1
  set uc_high_voltage \u26A1
  set uc_snowflake \u2744
  set uc_snowman \u2603
  set uc_snowman_without_snow \u26C4
  set uc_comet \u2604
  set uc_fire \u1F525
  set uc_droplet \u1F4A7
  set uc_water_wave \u1F30A
  set uc_jack-o-lantern \u1F383
  set uc_Christmas_tree \u1F384
  set uc_fireworks \u1F386
  set uc_sparkler \u1F387
  set uc_firecracker \u1F9E8
  set uc_sparkles \u2728
  set uc_balloon \u1F388
  set uc_party_popper \u1F389
  set uc_confetti_ball \u1F38A
  set uc_tanabata_tree \u1F38B
  set uc_pine_decoration \u1F38D
  set uc_Japanese_dolls \u1F38E
  set uc_carp_streamer \u1F38F
  set uc_wind_chime \u1F390
  set uc_moon_viewing_ceremony \u1F391
  set uc_red_envelope \u1F9E7
  set uc_ribbon \u1F380
  set uc_wrapped_gift \u1F381
  set uc_reminder_ribbon \u1F397
  set uc_admission_tickets \u1F39F
  set uc_ticket \u1F3AB
  set uc_military_medal \u1F396
  set uc_trophy \u1F3C6
  set uc_sports_medal \u1F3C5
  set uc_1st_place_medal \u1F947
  set uc_2nd_place_medal \u1F948
  set uc_3rd_place_medal \u1F949
  set uc_soccer_ball \u26BD
  set uc_baseball \u26BE
  set uc_softball \u1F94E
  set uc_basketball \u1F3C0
  set uc_volleyball \u1F3D0
  set uc_american_football \u1F3C8
  set uc_rugby_football \u1F3C9
  set uc_tennis \u1F3BE
  set uc_flying_disc \u1F94F
  set uc_bowling \u1F3B3
  set uc_cricket_game \u1F3CF
  set uc_field_hockey \u1F3D1
  set uc_ice_hockey \u1F3D2
  set uc_lacrosse \u1F94D
  set uc_ping_pong \u1F3D3
  set uc_badminton \u1F3F8
  set uc_boxing_glove \u1F94A
  set uc_martial_arts_uniform \u1F94B
  set uc_goal_net \u1F945
  set uc_flag_in_hole \u26F3
  set uc_ice_skate \u26F8
  set uc_fishing_pole \u1F3A3
  set uc_running_shirt \u1F3BD
  set uc_skis \u1F3BF
  set uc_sled \u1F6F7
  set uc_curling_stone \u1F94C
  set uc_direct_hit \u1F3AF
  set uc_pool_8_ball \u1F3B1
  set uc_crystal_ball \u1F52E
  set uc_nazar_amulet \u1F9FF
  set uc_video_game \u1F3AE
  set uc_joystick \u1F579
  set uc_slot_machine \u1F3B0
  set uc_game_die \u1F3B2
  set uc_puzzle_piece \u1F9E9
  set uc_teddy_bear \u1F9F8
  set uc_spade_suit \u2660
  set uc_heart_suit \u2665
  set uc_diamond_suit \u2666
  set uc_club_suit \u2663
  set uc_chess_pawn \u265F
  set uc_joker \u1F0CF
  set uc_mahjong_red_dragon \u1F004
  set uc_flower_playing_cards \u1F3B4
  set uc_performing_arts \u1F3AD
  set uc_framed_picture \u1F5BC
  set uc_artist_palette \u1F3A8
  set uc_thread \u1F9F5
  set uc_yarn \u1F9F6
  set uc_glasses \u1F453
  set uc_sunglasses \u1F576
  set uc_goggles \u1F97D
  set uc_lab_coat \u1F97C
  set uc_necktie \u1F454
  set uc_t-shirt \u1F455
  set uc_jeans \u1F456
  set uc_scarf \u1F9E3
  set uc_gloves \u1F9E4
  set uc_coat \u1F9E5
  set uc_socks \u1F9E6
  set uc_dress \u1F457
  set uc_kimono \u1F458
  set uc_bikini \u1F459
  set uc_womans_clothes \u1F45A
  set uc_purse \u1F45B
  set uc_handbag \u1F45C
  set uc_clutch_bag \u1F45D
  set uc_shopping_bags \u1F6CD
  set uc_backpack \u1F392
  set uc_mans_shoe \u1F45E
  set uc_running_shoe \u1F45F
  set uc_hiking_boot \u1F97E
  set uc_flat_shoe \u1F97F
  set uc_high-heeled_shoe \u1F460
  set uc_womans_sandal \u1F461
  set uc_womans_boot \u1F462
  set uc_crown \u1F451
  set uc_womans_hat \u1F452
  set uc_top_hat \u1F3A9
  set uc_graduation_cap \u1F393
  set uc_billed_cap \u1F9E2
  set uc_rescue_workers_helmet \u26D1
  set uc_prayer_beads \u1F4FF
  set uc_lipstick \u1F484
  set uc_ring \u1F48D
  set uc_gem_stone \u1F48E
  set uc_muted_speaker \u1F507
  set uc_speaker_low_volume \u1F508
  set uc_speaker_medium_volume \u1F509
  set uc_speaker_high_volume \u1F50A
  set uc_loudspeaker \u1F4E2
  set uc_megaphone \u1F4E3
  set uc_postal_horn \u1F4EF
  set uc_bell \u1F514
  set uc_bell_with_slash \u1F515
  set uc_musical_score \u1F3BC
  set uc_musical_note \u1F3B5
  set uc_musical_notes \u1F3B6
  set uc_studio_microphone \u1F399
  set uc_level_slider \u1F39A
  set uc_control_knobs \u1F39B
  set uc_microphone \u1F3A4
  set uc_headphone \u1F3A7
  set uc_radio \u1F4FB
  set uc_saxophone \u1F3B7
  set uc_guitar \u1F3B8
  set uc_musical_keyboard \u1F3B9
  set uc_trumpet \u1F3BA
  set uc_violin \u1F3BB
  set uc_drum \u1F941
  set uc_mobile_phone \u1F4F1
  set uc_mobile_phone_with_arrow \u1F4F2
  set uc_telephone \u260E
  set uc_telephone_receiver \u1F4DE
  set uc_pager \u1F4DF
  set uc_fax_machine \u1F4E0
  set uc_battery \u1F50B
  set uc_electric_plug \u1F50C
  set uc_laptop_computer \u1F4BB
  set uc_desktop_computer \u1F5A5
  set uc_printer \u1F5A8
  set uc_keyboard \u2328
  set uc_computer_mouse \u1F5B1
  set uc_trackball \u1F5B2
  set uc_computer_disk \u1F4BD
  set uc_floppy_disk \u1F4BE
  set uc_optical_disk \u1F4BF
  set uc_dvd \u1F4C0
  set uc_abacus \u1F9EE
  set uc_movie_camera \u1F3A5
  set uc_film_frames \u1F39E
  set uc_film_projector \u1F4FD
  set uc_clapper_board \u1F3AC
  set uc_television \u1F4FA
  set uc_camera \u1F4F7
  set uc_camera_with_flash \u1F4F8
  set uc_video_camera \u1F4F9
  set uc_videocassette \u1F4FC
  set uc_magnifying_glass_tilted_left \u1F50D
  set uc_magnifying_glass_tilted_right \u1F50E
  set uc_candle \u1F56F
  set uc_light_bulb \u1F4A1
  set uc_flashlight \u1F526
  set uc_red_paper_lantern \u1F3EE
  set uc_notebook_with_decorative_cover \u1F4D4
  set uc_closed_book \u1F4D5
  set uc_open_book \u1F4D6
  set uc_green_book \u1F4D7
  set uc_blue_book \u1F4D8
  set uc_orange_book \u1F4D9
  set uc_books \u1F4DA
  set uc_notebook \u1F4D3
  set uc_ledger \u1F4D2
  set uc_page_with_curl \u1F4C3
  set uc_scroll \u1F4DC
  set uc_page_facing_up \u1F4C4
  set uc_newspaper \u1F4F0
  set uc_rolled-up_newspaper \u1F5DE
  set uc_bookmark_tabs \u1F4D1
  set uc_bookmark \u1F516
  set uc_label \u1F3F7
  set uc_money_bag \u1F4B0
  set uc_yen_banknote \u1F4B4
  set uc_dollar_banknote \u1F4B5
  set uc_euro_banknote \u1F4B6
  set uc_pound_banknote \u1F4B7
  set uc_money_with_wings \u1F4B8
  set uc_credit_card \u1F4B3
  set uc_receipt \u1F9FE
  set uc_chart_increasing_with_yen \u1F4B9
  set uc_currency_exchange \u1F4B1
  set uc_heavy_dollar_sign \u1F4B2
  set uc_envelope \u2709
  set uc_e-mail \u1F4E7
  set uc_incoming_envelope \u1F4E8
  set uc_envelope_with_arrow \u1F4E9
  set uc_outbox_tray \u1F4E4
  set uc_inbox_tray \u1F4E5
  set uc_package \u1F4E6
  set uc_closed_mailbox_with_raised_flag \u1F4EB
  set uc_closed_mailbox_with_lowered_flag \u1F4EA
  set uc_open_mailbox_with_raised_flag \u1F4EC
  set uc_open_mailbox_with_lowered_flag \u1F4ED
  set uc_postbox \u1F4EE
  set uc_ballot_box_with_ballot \u1F5F3
  set uc_pencil \u270F
  set uc_black_nib \u2712
  set uc_fountain_pen \u1F58B
  set uc_pen \u1F58A
  set uc_paintbrush \u1F58C
  set uc_crayon \u1F58D
  set uc_memo \u1F4DD
  set uc_briefcase \u1F4BC
  set uc_file_folder \u1F4C1
  set uc_open_file_folder \u1F4C2
  set uc_card_index_dividers \u1F5C2
  set uc_calendar \u1F4C5
  set uc_tear-off_calendar \u1F4C6
  set uc_spiral_notepad \u1F5D2
  set uc_spiral_calendar \u1F5D3
  set uc_card_index \u1F4C7
  set uc_chart_increasing \u1F4C8
  set uc_chart_decreasing \u1F4C9
  set uc_bar_chart \u1F4CA
  set uc_clipboard \u1F4CB
  set uc_pushpin \u1F4CC
  set uc_round_pushpin \u1F4CD
  set uc_paperclip \u1F4CE
  set uc_linked_paperclips \u1F587
  set uc_straight_ruler \u1F4CF
  set uc_triangular_ruler \u1F4D0
  set uc_scissors \u2702
  set uc_card_file_box \u1F5C3
  set uc_file_cabinet \u1F5C4
  set uc_wastebasket \u1F5D1
  set uc_locked \u1F512
  set uc_unlocked \u1F513
  set uc_locked_with_pen \u1F50F
  set uc_locked_with_key \u1F510
  set uc_key \u1F511
  set uc_old_key \u1F5DD
  set uc_hammer \u1F528
  set uc_pick \u26CF
  set uc_hammer_and_pick \u2692
  set uc_hammer_and_wrench \u1F6E0
  set uc_dagger \u1F5E1
  set uc_crossed_swords \u2694
  set uc_pistol \u1F52B
  set uc_bow_and_arrow \u1F3F9
  set uc_shield \u1F6E1
  set uc_wrench \u1F527
  set uc_nut_and_bolt \u1F529
  set uc_gear \u2699
  set uc_clamp \u1F5DC
  set uc_balance_scale \u2696
  set uc_link \u1F517
  set uc_chains \u26D3
  set uc_toolbox \u1F9F0
  set uc_magnet \u1F9F2
  set uc_alembic \u2697
  set uc_test_tube \u1F9EA
  set uc_petri_dish \u1F9EB
  set uc_dna \u1F9EC
  set uc_microscope \u1F52C
  set uc_telescope \u1F52D
  set uc_satellite_antenna \u1F4E1
  set uc_syringe \u1F489
  set uc_pill \u1F48A
  set uc_door \u1F6AA
  set uc_bed \u1F6CF
  set uc_couch_and_lamp \u1F6CB
  set uc_toilet \u1F6BD
  set uc_shower \u1F6BF
  set uc_bathtub \u1F6C1
  set uc_lotion_bottle \u1F9F4
  set uc_safety_pin \u1F9F7
  set uc_broom \u1F9F9
  set uc_basket \u1F9FA
  set uc_roll_of_paper \u1F9FB
  set uc_soap \u1F9FC
  set uc_sponge \u1F9FD
  set uc_fire_extinguisher \u1F9EF
  set uc_shopping_cart \u1F6D2
  set uc_coffin \u26B0
  set uc_funeral_urn \u26B1
  set uc_moai \u1F5FF
  set uc_ATM_sign \u1F3E7
  set uc_litter_in_bin_sign \u1F6AE
  set uc_potable_water \u1F6B0
  set uc_wheelchair_symbol \u267F
  set uc_mens_room \u1F6B9
  set uc_womens_room \u1F6BA
  set uc_restroom \u1F6BB
  set uc_baby_symbol \u1F6BC
  set uc_water_closet uc_\u1F6BE
  set uc_passport_control \u1F6C2
  set uc_customs \u1F6C3
  set uc_baggage_claim \u1F6C4
  set uc_left_luggage \u1F6C5
  set uc_warning \u26A0
  set uc_children_crossing \u1F6B8
  set uc_no_entry \u26D4
  set uc_prohibited \u1F6AB
  set uc_no_bicycles \u1F6B3
  set uc_no_smoking \u1F6AD
  set uc_no_littering \u1F6AF
  set uc_non-potable_water \u1F6B1
  set uc_no_pedestrians \u1F6B7
  set uc_no_mobile_phones \u1F4F5
  set uc_no_one_under_eighteen \u1F51E
  set uc_radioactive \u2622
  set uc_biohazard \u2623
  set uc_up_arrow \u2B06
  set uc_up-right_arrow \u2197
  set uc_right_arrow \u27A1
  set uc_down-right_arrow \u2198
  set uc_down_arrow \u2B07
  set uc_down-left_arrow \u2199
  set uc_left_arrow \u2B05
  set uc_up-left_arrow \u2196
  set uc_up-down_arrow \u2195
  set uc_left-right_arrow \u2194
  set uc_right_arrow_curving_left \u21A9
  set uc_left_arrow_curving_right \u21AA
  set uc_right_arrow_curving_up \u2934
  set uc_right_arrow_curving_down \u2935
  set uc_clockwise_vertical_arrows \u1F503
  set uc_counterclockwise_arrows_button \u1F504
  set uc_BACK_arrow \u1F519
  set uc_END_arrow \u1F51A
  set uc_ONset uc_arrow \u1F51B
  set uc_SOON_arrow \u1F51C
  set uc_TOP_arrow \u1F51D
  set uc_place_of_worship \u1F6D0
  set uc_atom_symbol \u269B
  set uc_om \u1F549
  set uc_star_of_David \u2721
  set uc_wheel_of_dharma \u2638
  set uc_yin_yang \u262F
  set uc_latin_cross \u271D
  set uc_orthodox_cross \u2626
  set uc_star_and_crescent \u262A
  set uc_peace_symbol \u262E
  set uc_menorah \u1F54E
  set uc_dotted_six-pointed_star \u1F52F
  set uc_Aries \u2648
  set uc_Taurus \u2649
  set uc_Gemini \u264A
  set uc_Cancer \u264B
  set uc_Leo \u264C
  set uc_Virgo \u264D
  set uc_Libra \u264E
  set uc_Scorpio \u264F
  set uc_Sagittarius \u2650
  set uc_Capricorn \u2651
  set uc_Aquarius \u2652
  set uc_Pisces \u2653
  set uc_Ophiuchus \u26CE
  set uc_shuffle_tracks_button \u1F500
  set uc_repeat_button \u1F501
  set uc_repeat_single_button \u1F502
  set uc_play_button \u25B6
  set uc_fast-forward_button \u23E9
  set uc_next_track_button \u23ED
  set uc_play_or_pause_button \u23EF
  set uc_reverse_button \u25C0
  set uc_fast_reverse_button \u23EA
  set uc_last_track_button \u23EE
  set uc_upwards_button \u1F53C
  set uc_fast_up_button \u23EB
  set uc_downwards_button \u1F53D
  set uc_fast_down_button \u23EC
  set uc_pause_button \u23F8
  set uc_stop_button \u23F9
  set uc_record_button \u23FA
  set uc_eject_button \u23CF
  set uc_cinema \u1F3A6
  set uc_dim_button \u1F505
  set uc_bright_button \u1F506
  set uc_antenna_bars \u1F4F6
  set uc_vibration_mode \u1F4F3
  set uc_mobile_phone_off \u1F4F4
  set uc_female_sign \u2640
  set uc_male_sign \u2642
  set uc_medical_symbol \u2695
  set uc_infinity \u267E
  set uc_recycling_symbol \u267B
  set uc_fleur-de-lis \u269C
  set uc_trident_emblem \u1F531
  set uc_name_badge \u1F4DB
  set uc_Japanese_symbol_for_beginner \u1F530
  set uc_hollow_red_circle \u2B55
  set uc_check_mark_button \u2705
  set uc_check_box_with_check \u2611
  set uc_check_mark \u2714
  set uc_multiplication_sign \u2716
  set uc_cross_mark \u274C
  set uc_cross_mark_button \u274E
  set uc_plus_sign \u2795
  set uc_minus_sign \u2796
  set uc_division_sign \u2797
  set uc_curly_loop \u27B0
  set uc_double_curly_loop \u27BF
  set uc_part_alternation_mark \u303D
  set uc_eight-spoked_asterisk \u2733
  set uc_eight-pointed_star \u2734
  set uc_sparkle \u2747
  set uc_double_exclamation_mark \u203C
  set uc_exclamation_question_mark \u2049
  set uc_question_mark \u2753
  set uc_white_question_mark \u2754
  set uc_white_exclamation_mark \u2755
  set uc_exclamation_mark \u2757
  set uc_wavy_dash \u3030
  set uc_copyright \u00A9
  set uc_registered \u00AE
  set uc_trade_mark \u2122
  set uc_red_circle \u1F534
  set uc_blue_circle \u1F535
  set uc_white_circle \u26AA
  set uc_black_circle \u26AB
  set uc_white_large_square \u2B1C
  set uc_black_large_square \u2B1B
  set uc_black_medium_square \u25FC
  set uc_white_medium_square \u25FB
  set uc_white_medium-small_square \u25FD
  set uc_black_medium-small_square \u25FE
  set uc_white_small_square \u25AB
  set uc_black_small_square \u25AA
  set uc_large_orange_diamond \u1F536
  set uc_large_blue_diamond \u1F537
  set uc_small_orange_diamond \u1F538
  set uc_small_blue_diamond \u1F539
  set uc_red_triangle_pointed_up \u1F53A
  set uc_red_triangle_pointed_down \u1F53B
  set uc_diamond_with_a_dot \u1F4A0
  set uc_radio_button \u1F518
  set uc_black_square_button \u1F532
  set uc_white_square_button \u1F533
  set uc_chequered_flag \u1F3C1
  set uc_triangular_flag \u1F6A9
  set uc_crossed_flags \u1F38C
  set uc_black_flag \u1F3F4
  set uc_white_flag \u1F3F3
  set uc_rainbow_flag \u1F3F3
  set uc_pirate_flag \u1F3F4
  set uc_pirate_flag1 \u200D
  set uc_pirate_flag2 \u2620
  set uc_pirate_flag3 \uFE0F
  set uc_flag_Ascension_Island \u1F1E6
  set uc_flag_Andorra \u1F1E6
  set uc_flag_United_Arab_Emirates \u1F1E6
  set uc_flag_Afghanistan \u1F1E6
  set uc_flag_Anguilla \u1F1E6
  set uc_flag_Albania \u1F1E6
  set uc_flag_Armenia \u1F1E6
  set uc_flag_Angola \u1F1E6
  set uc_flag_Antarctica \u1F1E6
  set uc_flag_Argentina \u1F1E6
  set uc_flag_American_Samoa \u1F1E6
  set uc_flag_Austria \u1F1E6
  set uc_flag_Australia \u1F1E6
  set uc_flag_Aruba \u1F1E6
  set uc_flag_Azerbaijan \u1F1E6
  set uc_flag_Barbados \u1F1E7
  set uc_flag_Bangladesh \u1F1E7
  set uc_flag_Belgium \u1F1E7
  set uc_flag_Burkina_Faso \u1F1E7
  set uc_flag_Bulgaria \u1F1E7
  set uc_flag_Bahrain \u1F1E7
  set uc_flag_Burundi \u1F1E7
  set uc_flag_Benin \u1F1E7
  set uc_flag_Bermuda \u1F1E7
  set uc_flag_Brunei \u1F1E7
  set uc_flag_Bolivia \u1F1E7
  set uc_flag_Caribbean_Netherlands \u1F1E7
  set uc_flag_Brazil \u1F1E7
  set uc_flag_Bahamas \u1F1E7
  set uc_flag_Bhutan \u1F1E7
  set uc_flag_Bouvet_Island \u1F1E7
  set uc_flag_Botswana \u1F1E7
  set uc_flag_Belarus \u1F1E7
  set uc_flag_Belize \u1F1E7
  set uc_flag_Canada \u1F1E8
  set uc_flag_Central_African_Republic \u1F1E8
  set uc_flag_Switzerland \u1F1E8
  set uc_flag_Cook_Islands \u1F1E8
  set uc_flag_Chile \u1F1E8
  set uc_flag_Cameroon \u1F1E8
  set uc_flag_China \u1F1E8
  set uc_flag_Colombia \u1F1E8
  set uc_flag_Clipperton_Island \u1F1E8
  set uc_flag_Costa_Rica \u1F1E8
  set uc_flag_Cuba \u1F1E8
  set uc_flag_Cape_Verde \u1F1E8
  set uc_flag_Christmas_Island \u1F1E8
  set uc_flag_Cyprus \u1F1E8
  set uc_flag_Czechia \u1F1E8
  set uc_flag_Germany \u1F1E9
  set uc_flag_Diego_Garcia \u1F1E9
  set uc_flag_Djibouti \u1F1E9
  set uc_flag_Denmark \u1F1E9
  set uc_flag_Dominica \u1F1E9
  set uc_flag_Dominican_Republic \u1F1E9
  set uc_flag_Algeria \u1F1E9
  set uc_flag_Ecuador \u1F1EA
  set uc_flag_Estonia \u1F1EA
  set uc_flag_Egypt \u1F1EA
  set uc_flag_Western_Sahara \u1F1EA
  set uc_flag_Eritrea \u1F1EA
  set uc_flag_Spain \u1F1EA
  set uc_flag_Ethiopia \u1F1EA
  set uc_flag_European_Union \u1F1EA
  set uc_flag_Finland \u1F1EB
  set uc_flag_Fiji \u1F1EB
  set uc_flag_Falkland_Islands \u1F1EB
  set uc_flag_Micronesia \u1F1EB
  set uc_flag_Faroe_Islands \u1F1EB
  set uc_flag_France \u1F1EB
  set uc_flag_Gabon \u1F1EC
  set uc_flag_United_Kingdom \u1F1EC
  set uc_flag_Grenada \u1F1EC
  set uc_flag_Georgia \u1F1EC
  set uc_flag_French_Guiana \u1F1EC
  set uc_flag_Guernsey \u1F1EC
  set uc_flag_Ghana \u1F1EC
  set uc_flag_Gibraltar \u1F1EC
  set uc_flag_Greenland \u1F1EC
  set uc_flag_Gambia \u1F1EC
  set uc_flag_Guinea \u1F1EC
  set uc_flag_Guadeloupe \u1F1EC
  set uc_flag_Equatorial_Guinea \u1F1EC
  set uc_flag_Greece \u1F1EC
  set uc_flag_Guatemala \u1F1EC
  set uc_flag_Guam \u1F1EC
  set uc_flag_Guyana \u1F1EC
  set uc_flag_Hong_Kong_SAR_China \u1F1ED
  set uc_flag_Honduras \u1F1ED
  set uc_flag_Croatia \u1F1ED
  set uc_flag_Haiti \u1F1ED
  set uc_flag_Hungary \u1F1ED
  set uc_flag_Canary_Islands \u1F1EE
  set uc_flag_Indonesia \u1F1EE
  set uc_flag_Ireland \u1F1EE
  set uc_flag_Israel \u1F1EE
  set uc_flag_Isle_of_Man \u1F1EE
  set uc_flag_India \u1F1EE
  set uc_flag_British_Indian_Ocean_Territory \u1F1EE
  set uc_flag_Iraq \u1F1EE
  set uc_flag_Iran \u1F1EE
  set uc_flag_Iceland \u1F1EE
  set uc_flag_Italy \u1F1EE
  set uc_flag_Jersey \u1F1EF
  set uc_flag_Jamaica \u1F1EF
  set uc_flag_Jordan \u1F1EF
  set uc_flag_Japan \u1F1EF
  set uc_flag_Kenya \u1F1F0
  set uc_flag_Kyrgyzstan \u1F1F0
  set uc_flag_Cambodia \u1F1F0
  set uc_flag_Kiribati \u1F1F0
  set uc_flag_Comoros \u1F1F0
  set uc_flag_North_Korea \u1F1F0
  set uc_flag_South_Korea \u1F1F0
  set uc_flag_Kuwait \u1F1F0
  set uc_flag_Cayman_Islands \u1F1F0
  set uc_flag_Kazakhstan \u1F1F0
  set uc_flag_Laos \u1F1F1
  set uc_flag_Lebanon \u1F1F1
  set uc_flag_Liechtenstein \u1F1F1
  set uc_flag_Sri_Lanka \u1F1F1
  set uc_flag_Liberia \u1F1F1
  set uc_flag_Lesotho \u1F1F1
  set uc_flag_Lithuania \u1F1F1
  set uc_flag_Luxembourg \u1F1F1
  set uc_flag_Latvia \u1F1F1
  set uc_flag_Libya \u1F1F1
  set uc_flag_Morocco \u1F1F2
  set uc_flag_Monaco \u1F1F2
  set uc_flag_Moldova \u1F1F2
  set uc_flag_Montenegro \u1F1F2
  set uc_flag_Madagascar \u1F1F2
  set uc_flag_Marshall_Islands \u1F1F2
  set uc_flag_Macedonia \u1F1F2
  set uc_flag_Mali \u1F1F2
  set uc_flag_Mongolia \u1F1F2
  set uc_flag_Macao_SAR_China \u1F1F2
  set uc_flag_Northern_Mariana_Islands \u1F1F2
  set uc_flag_Martinique \u1F1F2
  set uc_flag_Mauritania \u1F1F2
  set uc_flag_Montserrat \u1F1F2
  set uc_flag_Malta \u1F1F2
  set uc_flag_Mauritius \u1F1F2
  set uc_flag_Maldives \u1F1F2
  set uc_flag_Malawi \u1F1F2
  set uc_flag_Mexico \u1F1F2
  set uc_flag_Malaysia \u1F1F2
  set uc_flag_Mozambique \u1F1F2
  set uc_flag_Namibia \u1F1F3
  set uc_flag_New_Caledonia \u1F1F3
  set uc_flag_Niger \u1F1F3
  set uc_flag_Norfolk_Island \u1F1F3
  set uc_flag_Nigeria \u1F1F3
  set uc_flag_Nicaragua \u1F1F3
  set uc_flag_Netherlands \u1F1F3
  set uc_flag_Norway \u1F1F3
  set uc_flag_Nepal \u1F1F3
  set uc_flag_Nauru \u1F1F3
  set uc_flag_Niue \u1F1F3
  set uc_flag_New_Zealand \u1F1F3
  set uc_flag_Oman \u1F1F4
  set uc_flag_Panama \u1F1F5
  set uc_flag_Peru \u1F1F5
  set uc_flag_French_Polynesia \u1F1F5
  set uc_flag_Papua_New_Guinea \u1F1F5
  set uc_flag_Philippines \u1F1F5
  set uc_flag_Pakistan \u1F1F5
  set uc_flag_Poland \u1F1F5
  set uc_flag_Pitcairn_Islands \u1F1F5
  set uc_flag_Puerto_Rico \u1F1F5
  set uc_flag_Palestinian_Territories \u1F1F5
  set uc_flag_Portugal \u1F1F5
  set uc_flag_Palau \u1F1F5
  set uc_flag_Paraguay \u1F1F5
  set uc_flag_Qatar \u1F1F6
  set uc_flag_Romania \u1F1F7
  set uc_flag_Serbia \u1F1F7
  set uc_flag_Russia \u1F1F7
  set uc_flag_Rwanda \u1F1F7
  set uc_flag_Saudi_Arabia \u1F1F8
  set uc_flag_Solomon_Islands \u1F1F8
  set uc_flag_Seychelles \u1F1F8
  set uc_flag_Sudan \u1F1F8
  set uc_flag_Sweden \u1F1F8
  set uc_flag_Singapore \u1F1F8
  set uc_flag_Slovenia \u1F1F8
  set uc_flag_Slovakia \u1F1F8
  set uc_flag_Sierra_Leone \u1F1F8
  set uc_flag_San_Marino \u1F1F8
  set uc_flag_Senegal \u1F1F8
  set uc_flag_Somalia \u1F1F8
  set uc_flag_Suriname \u1F1F8
  set uc_flag_South_Sudan \u1F1F8
  set uc_flag_El_Salvador \u1F1F8
  set uc_flag_Sint_Maarten \u1F1F8
  set uc_flag_Syria \u1F1F8
  set uc_flag_Eswatini \u1F1F8
  set uc_flag_Tristan_da_Cunha \u1F1F9
  set uc_flag_Chad \u1F1F9
  set uc_flag_French_Southern_Territories \u1F1F9
  set uc_flag_Togo \u1F1F9
  set uc_flag_Thailand \u1F1F9
  set uc_flag_Tajikistan \u1F1F9
  set uc_flag_Tokelau \u1F1F9
  set uc_flag_Turkmenistan \u1F1F9
  set uc_flag_Tunisia \u1F1F9
  set uc_flag_Tonga \u1F1F9
  set uc_flag_Turkey \u1F1F9
  set uc_flag_Tuvalu \u1F1F9
  set uc_flag_Taiwan \u1F1F9
  set uc_flag_Tanzania \u1F1F9
  set uc_flag_Ukraine \u1F1FA
  set uc_flag_Uganda \u1F1FA
  set uc_flag_United_Nations \u1F1FA
  set uc_flag_United_States \u1F1FA
  set uc_flag_Uruguay \u1F1FA
  set uc_flag_Uzbekistan \u1F1FA
  set uc_flag_Vatican_City \u1F1FB
  set uc_flag_Venezuela \u1F1FB
  set uc_flag_British_Virgin_Islands \u1F1FB
  set uc_flag_Vietnam \u1F1FB
  set uc_flag_Vanuatu \u1F1FB
  set uc_flag_Samoa \u1F1FC
  set uc_flag_Kosovo \u1F1FD
  set uc_flag_Yemen \u1F1FE
  set uc_flag_Mayotte \u1F1FE
  set uc_flag_South_Africa \u1F1FF
  set uc_flag_Zambia \u1F1FF
  set uc_flag_Zimbabwe \u1F1FF
  set uc_flag_England \u1F3F4
  set uc_flag_Scotland \u1F3F4
  set uc_flag_Wales \u1F3F4