25 Oct 05, SF project has disapeared, I have source code if anyone wants it -pwq.

An application which analyzes the bytecode for a tcl procedure and then generates an equivalent command written in the C language, for better speed.

It is available on SourceForge, see http://sourceforge.net/projects/kt2c/ (page not found Sept 28, 2011)

Authored by David Cuthbert.

PWQ 30 Jan 04 The current version does not compile with gcc 8.3.2 and tcl8.4, this is because TclGetInstructionTable() returns void * and needs to be cast to InstructionDesc *. Also kt2c does not handle some of the new bytecode instructions.

Anyone know how much of a speed increase this gives (if any), the source code looks bloated for small procedures. I do not know if this is per function or per application.

LV Is this a reference to ftp://www.tcl.tk/pub/tcl/nightly-cvs/kt2c-20020218.tar.gz ?