What: libmsgque
Description: The libmsgque project is an infrastructure for linking applications together to act like a single application and part of the NHI1 project
Updated: 25 feb 2021 (version: 8.0, all planned tasks are finished)
Contact: mailto:[email protected] (Andreas Otto)

libmsgque is part of the NHI1 project and provide the connectivity toolkit with the main goal to serve as bridge between an API and a programming toolkit


near all application toolkits offering an API to give the user a chance to integrate the application toolkit into the local environment. example:

programming toolkit

a programming toolkit serve as an interface between the human and the computer. The human create input, knows as source-code, to instruct the computer to do complex work. example:


libmsgque acts as a bridge between a programming toolkit and an API:

  >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> REQUEST >>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  |     | ---> |           | ---> |     |
  | Tcl |      | libmsgque |      | API |
  |     | <--- |           | <--- |     |

  <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< ANSWER <<<<<<<<<<<<<<

A REQUEST will be submitted with libmsgque from the programming toolkit to the API and the ANSWER will be send back. the advantage of libmsgque is:

  1. the programming toolkit and the API were separated into independent processes
  2. the interface between the API and libmsgque is independent from the interface between the programming toolkit and libmsgque
  3. the interface between the programming toolkit and libmsgque is only written with the programming toolkit language (example: Tcl, no C knowledge required)

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