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JOB - 2017-11-04 10:30:03

Scenario: Just wanted to edit an article (dynnotebook in my case) and was redirected to instead. Looks like that has a higher ranking than already?

After trying to edit and save the article inside nikit webservice, I noticed that must be kind a test bench for a future release, as most of the functions available in the menu of niki are not implemented:

  • Recaptcha does not show, when saving an article,
  • search function redirects to google search (just like the behavior of a static web site),
  • "Report Problems" function not implemented,
  • ...

Questions so far:

  • is there a rough timeline, when the software update from wiki to nikit is going to be happen?
  • is it possible to take a look at the current implementation of niki (source code)?

Thanks a lot.

stevel - 2017-11-04 23:55:28

stevel The target for the switchover is end of year. It remains to be seen whether we can get everything done in time.

There is nothing in the existing wiki that redirects you to nikit, so I assume you mean Google or other search engine redirected you to nikit. In one sense that is a positive because we've tried to make nikit "Google friendly".

Re the source, not yet but it will be open once we figure how to hide the spam mitigation techniques.

Thanks for your interest Johann

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