As of 12/2020, TkCVS is now TkRev, and supports Git as well as CVS and Subversion.

What: TkRev
Description: TkRev is a Tk interface to
        Concurrent Version System (CVS), Revision Control System (RCS),
        Subversion (SVN) and Git revision control systems.
        Supports CVS 1.6 and newer and provides search facilities for the
        modules database, file browser, etc.
        Includes tkdiff for comparing versions of files.
        Requires TkDiff to be installed.  Has been tested under
        Linux v1.2.13/CVS 1.6/Tk 4.0 and SunOS v4.1.3/CVS 1.2-6/Tk 4.0.
        Currently at version 9.4.
Updated: 12/2020
Author: Del [email protected]
Contact: mailto:[email protected]

As of version 8.0, TkCVS also supports Subversion and RCS.

As of version 9.0, TkRev also supports Git.

See CVS, Subversion. Requires TkDiff to be installed.

kroc - I've done a starkit of tkcvs 7.2 (tested under linux and OS X actually). It can be downloaded there [L1 ]

Patrick Finnegan has written "a quick guide to preparing the XP environment ... [for] running TkCVS . . ." [L2 ].

 I have received a few queries about running TKCVS on Windows XP so
 here is a quick guide to preparing the XP environment.

 1. Install CVSNT client.

 CVS NT is available from  The client component
 installs the CVS windows native command line environment utilized by

 2. Install Active State Tcl Run Time.

 Available from

 3. Install Microsoft services for unix.

 Available from 
 Supported by Microsoft, preferred by Corporates and free.  Install the
 unix command line component.  Provides unix command capability from
 the windows command shell.  E.G. supplies diff.exe.

 4. Install TKCVS.

 Install latest version of TKCVS.  
 Create desktop and start button shortcuts.  

 The working directory and module browser icons do not display properly
 under XP.  I changed the working directory icon as follows.

 Navigate to TKCVS install dir C:\TKCVS72\lib\tkcvs\bitmaps\.

 Convert ticklefish_med.gif to ticklefish_med.ico.

 package require Tk
 package require Img
 image create photo img -file ticklefish_med.gif
 img write ticklefish_med.ico -format ico

 Navigate to C:\TKCVS72\lib\tkcvs\workdir.tcl

 Edit line 36:      wm iconbitmap .workdir

 Working directory browser now displays with fish icon. 


 WebSphere Administrator.
 Web LDAP Administrator.

escargo 1 Aug 2004 - What if you have Cygwin installed instead of the Unix services for Microsoft Windows?

PT 2-Aug-2004: Alternatively you can install TortoiseCVS from which integrates CVS file versioning directly into Windows Explorer. It supports SSH and is trivial to use with SourceForge. If you also get PuTTY's pageant [L3 ] (equivalent to the unix ssh-agent) then you don't have to keep typing passwords either.

Personally I have never needed Unix Services for Windows. There are native win32 versions of cvs, diff, patch and even ssh (although putty's plink is more useful [L4 ]). Try [L5 ] for a bunch of them.