(According to https://tcl.apache.org/ the mod_tcl and Websh projects are no longer supported (2023). Rivet is still developed and supported.)

The Apache mod_websh module handles, among other things, sessions, form data, and command dispatching in a rather sophisticated way.


Updated version: https://github.com/noyesno/websh-tcl

Fork: https://tcl.sowaswie.de/repos/fossil/websh/home

[Reference to other Web-Tcl systems.]

Newsgroup discussion: [L1 ]

SEH 2005May17 -- Has this product been abandoned? No updates since the initial announcement. Pity if it has, it looks really interesting. I like the fact that it can be used as a standalone shell without a web server, for prototyping and sandboxing purposes (as opposed to Rivet AFAIK).

US 2005 May 18 -- No.There is still some development (bug fixes) going on. Don't use the 3.5.0 download from http://tcl.apache.org/websh/ , it's outdated and contains a few bugs. Rather get the CVS head:

 cvs -d :pserver:[email protected]:/home/cvspublic co tcl-websh

Peter Newman 19 May 2005: Does anyone have a Windows binary (preferably 9x; alternatively XP,) for websh?

RB 4 Jan 2006: Websh 3.6.0b3 has been released recently. Unfortunately, still no Windows binary available. But at least it features a Makefile for VC 6.0 nmake. And source has been moved to Subversion[L2 ].

RLH 4 Jan 2006: I hope that when 3.6 is released it will have a binary for Windows. Note: I cannot build only install. : \

For the head use

  svn co https://svn.apache.org/repos/asf/tcl/websh/trunk websh

Latest build currently

  svn co https://svn.apache.org/repos/asf/tcl/websh/tags/3.6.0b3 websh

SEH 20060104 -- FWIW, I compiled the 3.6.0b3 loadable module dll using the provided Windows makefile without problems. The module loaded into my Tcl interpreter (8.4.7 on WinXP) without error or complaint. I look forward to experimenting with it.

20060114 -- I have placed the websh3.6.0b3.dll loadable module I compiled on the web for those who want to try it out. It's at: http://filtr.sourceforge.net/websh3.6.0b3.dll

RLH 2006-01-15: Is there documentation about where that DLL goes and how to setup websh? I could not find it on the websh site.

SEH -- It's a standard Tcl loadable module. In tclsh, just type "load websh3.6.0b3.dll" and all websh commands will become available. RLH Ah, I was thinking more of a setup like Rivet has. Will do.

RB 2006-02-01: FYI: the websh3.6.0b3.dll is good if you want to use Websh as CGI. To use Websh in apache, you need mod_websh3.6.0b3.so. websh3.6.0b3.exe is just a Tclsh that has the dll already incorporated. mod_websh3.6.0b3.so can be compiled for Apache 1.3 and Apache 2.0. My first compilation for Apache 2.2 did not run. Any hints on why appreciated on websh-dev#tcl.apache.org (#->@) ...

RLH 2006-02-01: Okay then, how do I setup Apache to use the DLL for CGI?

RB 2006-02-03: There is not much to do: make sure your Apache can run Tcl scripts as CGI using either ScriptAlias or AddHandler or similar (see Apache documentation for mod_alias and mod_cgi). Then, in Unix take the usual "#!/path/to/your/tclsh" way and under Windows make sure *.tcl files are run by tclsh.exe (check by double-clicking your *.tcl script and see if it works) and start your script with "load websh3.6.0b3.dll" Note: the setup has nothing to do with Websh or its DLL. Its just a setup that allows running Tcl scripts as CGI. Websh comes only into play with the load command, since Tcl has to find it (see Tcl documentation).

RLH 2006-02-07: Are there any hosting companies that support Websh?

[name redacted] 2006-02-26: How to build web sites with technologies like template in Websh?

RB 2006-03-08: Websh 3.6.0b4 was released yesterday. Major changes: It now works with Apache 2.2 and two memory leaks have been fixed. Still no binaries available though. Sorry. Might compile some for the final 3.6.0 release...RLH That would be very nice of you if you could.

Hi, I compiled latest websh (from svn) with msvc8. With some (dirty) changes to Makefile, it compiles and seems to work. Download it from http://plone.gufi.org/Collaboratori/frok/Webshwin.zip/download . Don't forget to edit websh.conf with correct path. BTW, the project is abandoned? What about the mantainer?

RB 2006-10-14: The project is not really actively pushed at this time, but whenever anyone has a problem, he usually gets some support. So what's your problem with the maintainer?

RLH Same thing as always. I wish it was out of beta. I wish they would compile a final for Windows. Wish wish wish. : )

JMN I wish it would build ok on FreeBSD. ld complains about the -pthread argument. There is a FreeBSD port (unthreaded and build against tcl8.4), but it'd be nice to be able to try out stuff from the svn trunk and use it with a threaded tcl8.5.

RB 2007-10-24: Websh on FreeBSD can be compiled more or less out-of-the-box. Please refer to the discussion on http://mail-archives.apache.org/mod_mbox/tcl-websh-user/200604.mbox/browser


  # Hello world
  web::put "Hello, world"

More Examples