Apache continues to be the dominant Web server, although Microsoft continues to try with its Internet Information Server IIS.


The Apache web server is developed under the aegis of the Apache Software Foundation


Various Tcl bindings are available: mod_dtcl, mod_tcl, websh, Rivet, NeoWebScript, Woof!.

More information at http://www.apache.org/ and http://tcl.apache.org/ .

There is even an AOLserver plugin that allows it to talk with the Apache Tomcat servlet engine.

 What: Apache Toolbox
 Where: http://www.apachetoolbox.com/ 
 Description: This provides a means to easily compile Apache with SSL, PHP,
        mhash, mcrypt, MySQL, Postgres, imap, xml, ldap, ZendOptimzer,
        mod_dtcl, mod_auth_nds, mod_dynvhost, mod_layout, [WebDAV], mod_fastcgi,
        mod_gzip, mod_throttle, mod_accressref, mod_roaming, mod_auth_sys,
        and a significant library of other modules.  It is customizable,
        menu driven, compiles from source, checks for RPMs that might
        cause problems, and uses wget to download source that is missing.
        Currently at version 1.5.72 .
 Updated: 11/2000
 Contact: http://www.apachetoolbox.com/data/feedback.php 

 What: comanche
 Where: http://www.comanche.org
 Description: Tcl/Tk 8.0 or later tool for configuring Apache HTTP server.
        Tested in Windows NT, Windows 95, and Red Hat Linux 5.0.
        Currently at version 2.0b3.
 Updated: 03/1998
 Contact: mailto:[email protected] (Daniel Lopez Ridruejo)

 What: Intranet Developer's Kit
 Where: http://www.cygnus.com/ 
 Description: IDK contains enhanced and stabilized internet technologies
        (perl, Tcl, Tk, expect, and Apache) from the internet.  Cygnus
        provides multiple levels of support for IDK.  It is with IDK that
        enterprise clients, ISPs and the like, can establish commercially
        viable WWW presence using FREE software.
 Contact: mailto:[email protected] 

 What: Kinetic Application Processor (KAP)
 Where: http://kap.asiainfo.com/ 
 Description: Kinetic Application Processor (KAP) is an open source Tcl
        plugin for the Netscape and Apache HTTP servers.  It provides the
        HTML developer a <tcl> tag allowing one to embed executable tcl into
        HTML page without requiring the user to download a plugin.  This
        item is nearing pre-release stage.
 Updated: 06/2000
 Contact: mailto:[email protected] 

 What: mod_tcl
 Where: http://tcl.apache.org/mod_tcl/ 
 Description: An alternative Apache module.
 Updated: 06/2001
 Contact: Unknown

 What: mod_websh
 Where: http://tcl.apache.org/websh/ 
 Description: Rapid development environment for building WWW applications.
        Written in Tcl.  Runs as an Apache 1.3 or Apache 2 module or in a
        standard CGI environment.  Offers session and state management,
        command dispatching, encryption and logging.
        Currently at version 3.6.0b4 .
 Updated: 03/2006
 Contact: mailto:[email protected]

 What: mod_dav
 Where: http://www.lyra.org/greg/mod_dav/ 
 Description: A possible project to develop a web client in Tcl to be
        used against the Apache server module mod_dav.
        IETF Distributed Authoriting and Versioning (DAV) protocol is
        currently in development.  Check this site to see what the
        status of this project is.  At the time of the initial entry of
        this item, no coding had begun.
 Updated: 12/1998
 Contact: mailto:[email protected] 

 What: FastCGI for Tcl
 Where: http://fastcgi.idle.com/ 
        http://www.fastcgi.com/applibs/2.0.0/fcgi-devel-kit.tar.Z  (???)
 Description: Extension of CGI that eliminates drawbacks and provides high
        performance, which remaining highly compatible with existing
        CGI applications.  Original only supports Tcl 7.4,
        see idle site for pointers to Tom Pointdexter's version for
        newer support, as well as other language support.
        To use some features you need tclX, at least 8.0.2 installed.
        You must have the fcgi development kit 2.0b2.1 or newer to
        use Fcgi.
        FastCGI is supported by at least these servers:
        Apache 1.2.x (with mod_fastcgi 2.0.9), NCSA 1.5 w/FastCGI support,
        Netscape server w/FastCGI support, Open Market, Stronghold,
        Bluestone Sapphire web servers.
        Some problems appear to exist with this code and recent Tcls, resulting 
         in core dumps on Unix.  Contact Tom Poindexter for details.
 Updated: 11/2000
 Contact: mailto:[email protected] 
        mailto:[email protected]  (Tom Poindexter) 

 What: ZAP!
 Where: http://www.indexdata.dk/zap/
 Description: Apache module which allows you to build simple WWW
        interfaces to Z39.50 servers, requiring a minimum of knowledge
        about Z39.50.  Can be configured to enable Tcl scripting.
        Currently at version 1.4.1 .
 Updated: 02/2003
 Contact: See web site

tv (feb 5 '06) To use straight-forward Tcl script as Apache CGI, see this example: apache tcl cgi script with serial port access.

What is TkApache - formerly at http://www.eunuchs.org/linux/TkApache/ ?

escargo 13 Dec 2006 - Apparently not useful any more. Maybe try the wayback machine.

XSP - AuthenticatedHttpOnWindows