Wikitool is a script to get information from the wikit metakit data file from the command line. It's special because it is coded in pure Tcl.

The script can be downloaded from .

To use this tool, cd into the directory where you have a wikit.tkd file - that's the data portion of the wikit. Then, execute

 wikitool.tcl -l

Be certain that you get the most current copy - as mentioned elsewhere, previous versions are not likely to work.

The results you should expect to see, on stdout, consist of lines such as:

   10:  2002/06/19 06:45:26      Jean-Claude Wippler

The format is:

 Field: 1               2                3              4             5
 page-number:  last-update-date last-update-time last-updater's-IP  page-title

14apr03 jcw - There's another far more sophisticated "wikitool" by Tom Krehbiel; it's on sdarchive. Might be an idea to rename this thing to "wikiutil" or some such, just to avoid confusion...

LV 2008-Jan-11 I am seeing, today, some peculiar results using Tom K's wikitool.kit against the .tkd from the latest incarnation's wikit.tkd file. Specifically, I run

 wikitool.kit wikit.tkd xref page@page

and part of what I get out seems to indicate that some of the pages don't have references when they in fact do have references.

Anyone else out there doing anything with this type of data?

Using Tom Krehbiel's wikitool.kit as CGI in tclhttpd

7 October 2003: I'd like to use the wikitool from Tom Krehbiel as a CGI, to maintain my own wiki which runs as a CGI inside my local tclhttpd.

To do this, you have to adapt the "wikitool.kit" (found on ), to avoid a "package require Tk". So do an:

 sdx unwrap wikitool.kit

and then

  • in "main.tcl" surround "wm withdraw ." with a catch
  • and in "lib/wikit.vfs/lib/wikit/wikit.tcl" surround "package require Tk" with a catch and remove or uncomment the "exit .." in case of a failure of "package require Wikit::Gui"

wrap it up again:

 sdx wrap wikitool.kit

Furthermore you can use the following "wikitool_admin.cgi"-script and place it into your cgi-bin.

 # \
 exec tclsh84 "$0" ${1+"$@"}
 source cgilib.tcl

 # available commands
 set cmds {

 # little "Vignette"-like wrapper ... ugh
 proc SHOW {var} {
   upvar $var _var
   return [expr {[info exists _var] ? "$_var" : ""}]

 # build up a select-box for all commands
 proc showCommands {cmds selected} {
   set result {}
   foreach cmd $cmds {
     append result "<option value=\"$cmd\"[expr {$selected == $cmd ? " selected" : ""}]>[split $cmd ,]</option>"
   return $result
 # initialize query-parameters to variable values
 foreach {key value} [Cgi_List] {
   set $key $value
 if {![info exists commands]} {
   set commands [lindex $cmds 0]

 puts "Content-Type: text/html"
 puts ""
 puts [subst {<html>
 <form action="$env(SCRIPT_NAME)" method="get">
 <tr><td><input type="text" name="database" value="[SHOW database]"></td>
     <td><select name="commands">[showCommands $cmds [SHOW commands]]</select></td>
   <td><input type="text" name="arguments" value="[SHOW arguments]"></td></tr>
     <input type="submit">

 # call the wikitool with given parameters
 # set cmd "| tclkitsh.exe wikitool.kit wikit.tkd pages report"
 if {[info exists database]} {
   foreach {command subcommand} [split [SHOW commands] ,] {break}
   set cmd "| tclkitsh wikitool.kit $database $command $subcommand [SHOW arguments]"
   # for the defragmention we pass "y" the query "really defrag (y/n)"
   if {$command == "defrag"} {
     append cmd " << y"
   puts "Executing: $cmd"
   if {[catch {open $cmd} fh] } {
     puts "Error: Can't open pipe. $fh"
   set PIPE $fh
   fconfigure $PIPE -buffering none
   set OUTPUT ""
   puts "<pre>"
   while { [gets $PIPE DATA] >= 0 } {
     puts $DATA
   puts "</pre>"
   catch {close $PIPE} msg

 puts "<br>[SHOW cmd] finished.</body></html>"

 exit 0

  • Place this script into the cgi-bin of your tclhttpd and place the "wikitool.kit" there as well.
  • Furthermore you need the tclkitsh-program lying around somewhere in your path.
  • Now take your wiki-data file (I assume "wikit.tkd") and place it into the cgi-bin-directory as well.
  • go to http://<yourserver:andport>/cgi-bin/wikitool_admin.cgi
  • Enter "wikit.tkd" as the "Database", choose "pages report" and GO

Pay attention that now everybody who can access your webserver can administrate your wiki, so you should consider some security-mechanisms.

Have fun Stefan Vogel.

... I just tried this code with tclhttpd and am unable to see the output from wikitool, which I expected from 'puts $DATA' - just several empty lines. The cgi script is working, as I am able to duplicate the command execution code above within the wikitool_admin.cgi file and successfully execute and see the result from that command. I've tried it on IRIX and Linux platforms - is there something simple I'm missing? Thanks in advance for taking the time to respond.

28 Mai 2004: Stefan Vogel I just tested that again (I had some problems with my own description, so I updated a few things). It works well at least on Windows XP. Have you adapted the "wikitool.kit" (because that uses Tk)?


  %..cgi-bin> tclkitsh wikitool.kit wikit.tkd pages report

puts something on the console? ...yes, it gives the correct output, but ... you were astute in asking me to check whether I had made the changes to wikitool. I had made the changes, but accidently copied the original wikitool.kit into cgi-bin instead of the modified version. I have it working now, just as you described it. Thanks again for your help!

How do you use Tom Krehbiel's wikitool.kit ? Are there any explanatory notes for wikitool.kit commands/parameters? Yes... Run wikitool.kit in TK GUI mode and see the command descriptions. If you are running wikitool.kit with the catch {tk} mods, wikitool_admin.cgi by Stefan Vogel (see above), through CGI, you won't see the command help! [31Aug04 CvK]

LV 2008-Apr-18 The latest .tkd data from the tcler's wiki, available from wiki database for offline use apparently is incompatible with the Krehbiel tool; at least, wikitool no longer extracts pages or generates reports.