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Updated 2006-03-19 01:44:23

Komodo is a Mozilla-based cross-platform cross-language IDE created by ActiveState.

See for more information.

download for registered users only/FREE evaluation copy.

Note carefully the platforms supported - ActiveTcl/Tcl Dev Kit runs on more platforms than does Komodo.

Information about other development environments can be found at IDE.

Among the many interesting particular features of Komodo is the "ActiveState GUI Builder", a "simple tool for creating Tk-based GUIs for Perl, Python, and Tcl".

See also GUI Building Tools.

Features specifically related to Tcl are

  • Integration of the prodebug backend. This makes Komodo a Dynamic Debugger for Tcl.
  • Integration of procheck. This allows Komodo to perform Static Syntax Analysis of Tcl code while you are editing (similar to the grammar/spell checker in modern word processing applications).
  • Command and call tips (syntax-aware popdowns that assist as you write your code).

You can see recorded webcast demos of Komodo at .

Apparently, it could also be AOL's new Web browser: [L1 ]

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