Bryan Oakley

I have been a professional Tcl/Tk programmer since 1995. However, in July 2008 I accepted a job as a full time Python programmer after having virtually no luck finding a Tcl/Tk gig following a layoff four months earlier. My first love remains Tcl and I continue to use Tcl in my personal projects. I hope to one day again use Tcl professionally.

I've written a couple of free widgets (combobox and mclistbox), an almost-widget (supertext -- a text widget with unlimited undo ala emacs) and contributed to the tkdiff project. I also started a wizard widget but never found the time to bring it out of beta status. I have been a frequent contributor to comp.lang.tcl under the email address

In my spare time I'm working on a personal information manager / personal wiki -type application, partially for my own use. It is a test bed for me to get familiar with the tile widget set and sqlite, and serves as a place for me to experiment with some slightly novel user interface ideas.

My free software is available at my home page:

<firstname>.<lastname> at

On Feb 20, 2006, Bryan announced the presence of - "News and articles on software development with Tcl/Tk"

Bryan Oakley: is now for all intents and purposes static. I'm not sure what the future of that site will be given my new job focus and the fact that I found it hard to find the time to write articles even when I was a full time tcl/tk programmer.

Bryan Oakley: was shut down in May 2009. I got very little feedback on the site, and combined with my new role as a python programmer it wasn't worth the time to keep it alive.

CGM There were some good articles there - are they now lost, or are they available anywhere else?

Bryan Oakley: the wayback machine has 'em: